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Ann Sieg's Network Marketing Tips For New Online Entrepreneurs 

Ann Sieg was recently asked what she would do if she were just coming online for the very first time ever as a network marketer.  She gives great advice here to answer that question and much more - such as her answer to this question...

   “What would I do if my upline were teaching a particular method that was working for he or she but it wasn’t the method that I was comfortable with i.e. the worn and tired method of pitching your deal to anyone and everyone?”

Watch the video below and read Sieg's article here==>> Ann Sieg's Blog





Facebook's Marketing SPEEDway

Can You Really Build a Multi-level Marketing Business Online? 

Absolutlely!  So where's the best place to start? I highly recommend that you start with Facebook marketing.  Right now it's the best way that I've found to build your MLM fast because it allows you to find interested prospects.

The massive data base inside Facebook is unlike any thing I've ever seen.  We know our target market is out there but until now, we've had to work really hard just to find them.  I hate that.  It's not been fun and certainly not at all exciting.

Finding Interested Prospects

What if you could easily find interested prospects?  Well now you can.  You can actually find fans of what you have to offer - raving fans.  Have you ever been in the stands watching a professional car race?  Almost everyone there is a fan - a raving fan.  Now imagine the excitement of the those fans after the race.  They will be talking about it with people who aren't even interested! 

That's the kind of business partners we all want to find - people who are already raving fans of MLM.  So where are they? 

Raving Fans Of ALL Types Of Businesses Are On Facebook  

Facebook is gaining the attention of marketing professionals right now at record speed.  Why?  Because what they did with their social platform is what they are doing now with an even more powerful marketing platform. 

I'm so impressed and excited about it that I've become a raving fan of Facebook marketing.  I even put together an entire program around it called Facebook Formula One.  I believe Facebook's marketing platform is the best way SUPER-charge ALL of your markting efforts in order to find raving fans for your business. 

To learn more, including 3 critically important marketing tips that must be understood as you get into high performance social media marketing, click the bright red button below that says "Show Me The Video!!"



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Alpha Influence And Leadership Branding

We all have our unique strengths and spheres of influence.  Developing our own leadership abilities in light of our unique purpose in life is something very few people do.  Many questions come to mind when we begin to study to improve our impact on the world. 

Developing your own leadership brand based on who you were created to be is not as hard as people think.  I've been reading ablout "Alpha Influence."  Ryan Angelo has become an influence master because of one very important behavior... he studies.  Because of the hard work of other people sharing what they know, Ryan was able to learn from them.  He then created a course to share what he's learned because it had a great impact on his life and he wants to help others in the same way.  

Make Money Sharing What You Know

A lot of people like Ryan Angelo make money by sharing information.  They share what they know because learning helped them.  Angelo was desperate to learn.  He was desperate to feel less anxious about his circumstances,  desperate to feel more in control of his thoughts, desperate for more self-confidence, just basically desperate to feel more comfortable with people, to feel more passionate about life and gain some sense of purpose.  So he studied.  

Now Alpha Influence is Ryan Angelo's leadership brand.  He is influencing others to be successful by sharing what he knows.  He says if he can become a coach, consultant and put together a course to help others, then so can you.  Have you ever wanted to help other people by sharing what you know?  Of course you have.  Not only do you have the desire to help people, you've probably done it.  Having a positive influence on others is very rewarding.

Have you ever wanted to write a book to help people?  Didn't you expect to sell your book?  Now you can.  Thanks to the internet, it's never been this easy to publish your own book.  And it's never been this easy to sell it.   Information products like eBooks, video courses, blogs, etc. are all product creations that you can produce to not only make money but make a difference in other people's lives. 

Many people like Ryan add value to the world by sharing what they know.  They make a difference and end up making more than just a living by doing it.  Why not you?  


Internet MLM And Postcards?

How can postcards help you build an internet MLM? Postcard marketing campaigns can be very effective.  First consider this fact - to receive internet email marketing we have to give our permission.  Most often we even have to "double optin" to receive information.  Not so with direct mail marketing plus it's more cost effective than you might think.

Here's a recent quote from Entrepreneur Magazine:

"Dubbed junk mail by some, direct mail is actually one of the most effective, precise and economical ways to get your message to key audiences."  Many businesses use direct mail marketing because their response rate proves that it's worth it.  Done right, it's very targeted, measurable and cost effective. 

Here's what successful MLM recruiter, David Wood says about sending out cards:  "...I recruited 40 people in one week by sending 800 cards to everyone who had ever bought anything from me, by sending them a picture of myself without a shirt on at the beach, with a link to a company presentation, right after I had moved to Costa Rica over a year ago...  I didn't recruit them into sendoutcards, I recruited them into my company...  Send Out Cards is the cheapest warm-postcard system that exists, and I've used it to build Numis, MLSP, and when I was in ILG over a year ago."

Internet MLM - Your Target Market

Many marketing channels are not targeted such as TV commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads.  Yet they do work to bring in business.  But with the internet and direct mail, we have the ability to specifically market to people who have already expressed interest in the network marketing industry. 

Instead of trying to first sell the multi-level marketing business model, why not communicate with people who are already sold on MLM with a very attractive and memorable marketing tool that they receive in the mail?

Memorable Marketing

Postcards are much more likely to be noticed than most "junk" mail.  They are already open and eye-catching, especially if glossy and in full color.  The marketing message is immediately noted, memorable, and continues to be cost effective for big business and small business owners alike.

Direct Mail Response Rates

So how many postcards would you need to send to get a decent response rate?  The typical response rate is 2%.  Big business and small business owners are very happy with that because it's cost effective and builds business.  If your goal is to have 10 new leads every month, then you would need to send out 500 postcards to your target market every month.

But let's say you are adding incentive to your postcard - a discount or a chance to win a prize.  Now the response rate typically goes up. 

Easy Testing To Improve Results

It's easy to split-test direct mail response and practice continuous quality improvement.  Send one type of postcard to half your prospects, send a different postcard to the other half.  Toss the loser and add another postcard campaign with the winner and a new postcard.  Continue the process and get ongoing better and better results. 

It could be as simple as just changing the picture on the front and leaving the message the same.  You probably won't have a tie but a winner and a loser.  Keep testing and increasing your response rate.  It's that simple, not time consuming and could be very profitable advertising. 

Postcard Marketing: Part Two

Please leave me a comment about what would be the most helpful for you in Part Two:  Ten Terri-fic Tips For A Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign.