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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online without having to create your own products.  By providing excellent value inside every product you promote, people learn to trust your recommendations and will buy from you.

How To Promote A Great Affiliate Program

This is my first post on this page inside my Internet MLM Now blog.  Internet MLM is my passion but internet affiliate programs help add to the cash flow.  One affiliate program I am crazy about is set up to bring in what I call beach money :)  I stole the phrase "beach money" from my MLM upline leader, Jordan Adler.  He wrote the book!  But that's another story.

When I first began to make money through affiliate marketing, I was promoting ebooks and internet marketing courses.  I still sell from those older attempts at affiliate marketing which totally amazes me.  I'll show you why - you will see that they are only attempts at affiliate marketing.  I wouldn't call these attempts professional affiliate marketing by any stretch of the imagination.  These attempts  are from months and months ago during amateur hour marketing :)  but they still sell!!

That's the beauty of putting attraction marketing with affiliate marketing.  You can be an amateur and still sell if you are allowing the real YOU to share what you know. 


Affiliate Marketing Secret #1   Use Attraction Marketing To Promote Affiliate Programs

The Christmas Tree here is inside one of my earlier "attempts" at affiliate marketing using Squidoo.com. Basically I was using article marketing to promote an affiliate program but I think the reason it still sells even to this day is because I was so excited about the product.  Just click the tree to see what I mean :)

The point is, you do not have to be an expert at selling or writing or marketing in order to make money promoting other people's products.  Just be yourself, share what you know about the product and if you are excited about it, don't hold back!  Say so and explain why.  You see the secret is not necessarily what you are promoting.  As long as you genuinely like the product and explain why, it will sell to like minded people who find you.  

Stay tuned for Secret #2  How To Make Sure People Can Find You As You Promote An Affiliate Program!