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Okay GirlTerri Stallcopfriends - Let's get started!!  This training site is designed for the most powerful economic segment in society today -

Baby Boomer Women!

...using our power and abundance as a force for good!


Baby Boomer Women "Don't Mess With Me!"

Right now, today, if you search yahoo or google for "baby boomer women" what you will find is many, many articles on how powerful we are. Do you feel powerful?

Some days, no.  In fact, some of us seem to be sort of dropping out.  I think it's a temptation to want out of the struggle.  I'm talking to myself now and to you.  During my career as a nurse executive, there were times when I was "taken out."  People loose their jobs every day but that doesn't make it any easier to take.  If you are "taken out" of the work force, so-to-speak, or afraid you might be downsized soon, take heart.   

Here's what we must always remember, whether it is a job struggle, a hard time with your kids, a lay off, a spiritual struggle, or anything that tries to break your spirit, just say to that situation in your fearless female heart, "Don't mess with me!"      

Insider Secret:  You and I know that we are, deep down, get down, "Don't Mess With Me" Women...

But In A Nice Sort Of Way...

Insider Secret
Don't Mess With Me

Baby Boomer women are a vastly underestimated force both in the market place and in life.  There are  over 40 million of us.  Many of us are educated, relatively affluent career women who know we have a "don't mess with me" kind of spirit, but we are just strong inside, not mean.  

Grandmothers Are Not What They Used To Be.

We are still nice, just like our moms and grandmothers.  But grandmothers as most baby boomer women are, now live in a very different world than when we used to visit Grandma. A lot of us have worked as executives in the last several years, maverick types-we had to be.  We can and we have handled just about everything. Like Arwen, in Lord Of The Rings, we believe we can ride like the wind. We still think of ourselves as her age, immortal, strong and beautiful-and we are, each of us in our own way.

When tempted to forget all that, don't!  We are a powerful force and we must use our influence, our power, as a force for good.  Now, in a nice sort of way, tell any thing stopping you, to just GET OUT OF YOUR WAY.  Save the day, ride like the wind, be strong.   


Arwen's ride to save Frodo... (and, of course, she does!) 

Music by Bryan Adams, "You Can't Take Me" 


Learn Affiliate Marketing For Extra Cash

I am so thankful for my nursing career.  After a few years as the manager of Cardiac ICU, the hospital decided to add heart transplant services.  I had the honor of redesigning my unit so that we could add preop and postop care of people actually getting a new heart.

I will write a book on the deep meaning of that experience and how it added to my spiritual belief that God gives us the desires of our heart. The dreams we have are not made up, they are being discovered, revealed to us, and it is our responsibility to carry them out.

But so very often, one critical requirement of carrying out that responsibility of making our dreams come true, is money.

We need money.  Did you know that there are more quotes in the bible by Christ on money than there are on love?

Many times in order to be an influential force for good, we have to have the means, i.e. money.  Even to stay motivated in building a business of our own, money, cash flow, does wonders :) for motivation.

In MLM, it is so important to have a steady stream of extra cash to put back into your MLM business for advertising, as well as for inspiration and motivation. 

I think when we leave our salaried 9 to 5 job, it's exciting at first to begin our own business.  As Baby Boomer Women we know we can do it!  But it's also a little unnerving to not KNOW the next time "the check's in the mail!"

One of the solutions is so simple yet network marketers are not taught to do it.  You can make money even when the person you are trying to recruit says no to your business opportunity and/or products!

I mentioned two eBooks in the post before this one: 

  1. This one free! The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing  and
  2. This one for $67 The Renegade Network Marketer 
  3. Or you can begin with one a little cheaper Magnetic Sponsoring  $37

Invest at least $37 for Magnetic Sponsoring.  You are buying MUCH more than a book.  You are investing in you and your education. 

Eventually, the one I highly recommend that you buy is Ann Sieg's The Renegade Network Marketer.

But for now, pop some popcorn and go to the movies.  It's free and you will see what I mean... 

Here are your free Movies!!  Click on the book below and fill out the form...


For more information, read this article http://hubpages.com/hub/Movies-and-Magnetic-MLM-Sponsoring


Marketing 101

OK - now we are getting into the early 1980's.  After a few years of being a critical care instructor, another opportunity occurred - a management position became available.  Yikes!  Why am I drawn to that??  Well, I was.  It had to do with the desires of my heart, those God-given desires some people call "the dreams we have. "  It's time to read another page of mine www.TerriStallcop.com

Success in management in a word requires leadership.  I got the job - I moved from education into management and I liked that even better!  More control, more influence.  I could continue to teach any time I wanted, plus I had more clout, more formal influence. 


What does formal influence and leadership have to do with marketing 101??  Formalized influence in Multi-level Marketing is professionalism in marketing.  It's like a promotion from unsuccessful MLM amateur to highly successful MLM Professional. 

I first learned about this in a free eBook by Ann Sieg, called The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing.  Have you read it?  In it I had a chance to buy her really famous eBook, The Renegade Network Marketer.  Before I give you the free eBook and encourage you to buy the other one, here's your next assignment:  watch Renegade Network Marketing FAQs .  It's the basics - the FUN-damentals of marketing 101. 


Renegade University: Baby Boomer Women Go Back To School

First, let's talk about me :)  where did I leave off? - (see below)  Ok, after my first 9 years as a critical care nurse, I promoted.  I became a critical care instructor in a VERY big healthcare system.  I always thought highly of professors in college but the last thing I wanted to do was to be one of them.  The pay - attrocious. 

However, in the hospital setting, especially in critical care, the pay for promoting to instructor was very nice indeed.  I was 32.

Then I discovered something.  I absolutely love to teach.  Spending hours preparing a lecture, a workshop or an entire seminar felt like no time at all.  Loved it.  So I thought, when I get my masters, it will be in education, a masters in nursing education, that's for me.

That's not what I did but I'll say more about that later. 

What's My Point?  Action Traction: Act On Knowledge

The point is, once again, the Lord God was orchestrating the desires of my heart.  To help other nurses be the best they can be was my thing.  For two years, I trained new graduate nurses in two very busy ICUs and trained all the new employees in the Cardiac ICU - all of them - techs, LPNs, RNs, inexperienced, and experienced.  Busy.  Loved it.

Imparting knowledge in a classroom is great.  I actually like standing in front of people teaching if I'm prepared.  But the really neat thing is helping others operationalize theory (grad school talk)  But it's true, seeing people act on knowledge I taught them was really humbling.   I taught them to save lives and they did.


So what does that background have to do with Renegade University??  Well, that's where I teach now.  Here's your next assignment:  Mike Klingler's blog post: Internet Network Marketing Training



MLM Baby Boomer Women Will Be The Next Wave Of New Marketing Merge Magnetic Millionaires

About Me

The desires of my heart that are God-given have revolved around helping others -  especially girlfriends.  I'm a nurse.  My whole career in healthcare gave me wonderful friends, mostly women, whose desire was the same as mine, to care for the sick and often, to save their lives. 

Nursing's whole focus is to promote health and wellness.  You can't promote health any better than to bring people back from death to life.  For 9 years, that was my job.  In critical care nursing, we were helping others, promoting health and wellness in the middle of an extremely dynamic environment of disease and critical illness. 

Cardiac arrest is not as common in the hospital now as it was then.  In the 70's my girlfriends and I saved literally hundreds of lives.  We were "code blue" nurses trained by one of the best cardiac ICU intensivists I've ever known.  He was a cardiologist who taught us far beyond Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) 

A few outstanding critical care nurses and close friends back then were men but most of us were women, young girls actually. 

So What?

So what does my background have to do with becoming a millionaire - PLENTY.  Why?  Because I am a Baby Boomer raised to understand that I can be a force for good.  Most of us, men and women in our 50s right now do understand what that means, even if we forgot while trying to be hip.  (NOT proud of my hippie wanna be days) 

Girlfriends, we have huge economic power and we must use if as a force for good.  Don't retire.  Just work for you now in order to change the world.  Corporate America does not give us enough autonomy to create the kind of change I'm talking about...

Here's your first assignment.  Read my hubpage: Marketing Merge Magnetic Millionaires

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