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How To Build An Online Business

So, how do you build a successful online business? How long does it take to get your first check?

Well, all I can tell you is my story. You can begin immediately and see your first check a lot sooner than I did although I was quite happy with that first check coming in after just 3 months of putting up this blog. I almost framed it :)

The formula for success that works for me is explained well by the "Site Build It!" founder, Ken Envoy. This is his formula, but it's exactly what I do. Although I write almost every week about each part of this equation, that doesn't mean the same topic is right for you.  If you didn't click yet on Site Build It! above, do that now to see what I mean. 

So let's look at this formula for building a successful business online.  Content refers to videos, articles, blogging, advertising, etc.  Your web of content online is step one.  I started with this blog.




But there are many ways to put up content.  Those who are really serious about an online business should not mess around with a blog.  Use Site Build It! so that you can get into profitability sooner and not later.  Blogging for business like I'm doing is much slower but it's a great way to start if you just want added income.  

I started making money after I had about 30 pieces of content pointing back to this blog, linking to it with the right keywords for my target market. 


Basically, there are four really great ways to bring traffic to your central "hub" like a blog or your main website. 

  1. Social media networking
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Article Marketing

But even if you just do two of the four, you can succeed.  Notice, I didn't include ads.  Successful advertising actually takes a lot of study.  Don't start with that.  If you are reading this post, you probably 

  • met me online at a social media site or
  • found me on google using keywords that are all about internet MLM, or 
  • read some of my articles elsewhere that linked here or
  • you're on my list and I sent you an email


Preselling is NOT selling. I know that doesn't really explain it but it's so important do much more than just hype. There is a place for hype. There really is a way to make hype and the hard sell work.  A good sales pitch is sometimes necessary but not until you get to the last piece of the formula - monetization. The rest of the time you are pre-selling.

So what does that mean.  Basically, it means selling yourself first.  Pre-selling means gaining trust. It means people are sold on you and the content you provide.

After successful pre-selling, you can easily not just sell, but build a business.

Making a few online sales now and then versus building a successful online business... they're actually two different things.


After Pre-selling, now you can sell :) Content, driving traffic and preselling are all part of getting to know your customers.  They help you learn what they're looking for as you interact with them online in forums and from the comments they leave on your articles, videos, blog posts, etc. 

If you provide enough value up front for free in order to meet the needs of your target market, they will become your customers.   

Just remember that whatever you use to monetize your central website needs to be great stuff, or you'll loose them. The first three steps of the formula, content, traffic and preselling, will build business relationships. The last piece of the formula, the sale, is a natural result of the business relationships you build.

The Sales Funnel

I have another article to help with the overall concept of building your marketing content strategy.  After you build it, they will come, and then you can take a break and see the world!  It is the initial set up that takes a few months, then it's just a matter of two things, add more content and more traffic.  It isn't that hard after a while because your satisfied customers spread the word.  That's the best advertising and it's free, but you have to earn it.  

Here's another way to see the overview of how a successful online business works. The Sales Funnel Of Internet Network Marketing.

Book an appointment with me (see sidebar) and I'll be glad to help you, step by step, click by click.