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Okay GirlTerri Stallcopfriends - Let's get started!!  This training site is designed for the most powerful economic segment in society today -

Baby Boomer Women!

...using our power and abundance as a force for good!

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Baby Boomer Women Working At Home and Beyond

I loved my career in nursing and can tell you that anyone, male or female, would be hard pressed to find as many open doors as my two nursing degrees gave me.  Getting both, a BSN and MSN, is worth all of the hoops you have to jump through for 3 very good reasons:  education, education, education.  Without knowledge, people perish. For the sake of those whose lives you touch, know what you're doing, no matter what it is.

No matter what you choose to do, learning has to be Priority One, even if it's choosing to retire.  For me as a retired nursing director, an all new whirlwind of education was required.  Why?  Because of HUGE responsibility.

Baby Boomer Women 

If you are a women between 45 - 65 years old, do you have any idea how much economic and influencial power you have?  Here's just the tip of the iceberg from www.nabbw.com.

  • By 2030, 54% of the 78 million American Boomers will be women. Used to shaping our own lives, marching, picketing, campaigning and protesting we will have the power to speak out and take action as never before.
  • Women have stepped to the forefront as the force in making consumer purchasing decisions, from 91% of homes, 60% of cars and 51% of electronics; an estimated $20 trillion annually.
  • Baby Boomers hold more than 90% of the country’s net worth and account for 78% of all financial assets.
  • Netting out to the fact that Boomer women control over 60% of the nation’s wealth. Since we outlive men by an average of five years, we can expect that we will live to see a time when 80-90% of women will be in charge of their family’s financial affairs.
  • As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, women are on the verge of attaining economic parity with men—something our great-grandmothers and grandfathers would never have imagined.
  • With this new economic fortitude, women have the opportunity to take previously untapped power into their hands to influence the direction of the marketplace, the workplace, the family, and worldwide leadership.
  • By the year 2030, there will be 71.5 million Americans age 65 or older, more than double the number currently within that demographic. And more than half of them will be women.

Make More Retired Than Hired

Here's what I'm finding out... 

Sharing information is fast becoming the ultimate business model but very few baby boomer women realize their potential for doing exactly that.  Let me explain...

Because of the internet, you can build a business working at home by training others to do the same.  For example, as I learn how to make money online, I'm getting paid to train others to do the same.  By developing a few skills, you can create another source of income.  It's not as difficult as people think. 

The list of skills sounds intimidating but these skills are not hard if you learn them step-by-step, click-by-click with someone who has already learned how the hard way (me :)

These skills are a means of making money online for me...  I used to say "I'm making money online at 59!" until my last birthday :)  Here's what I can help you with:

  • search engine optimization
  • business blogging
  • video marketing
  • social media marketing
  • multi-level marketing
  • article marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • email marketing
  • lead generation
  • product creation
  • and much more

Don't get me wrong, it's not a get-rich-quick set of skills but eventually.... sharing what you know online can create income for you and your family.  There are 7-figure entrepreneurs who focus solely on building an online business that provides nothing but information.  And baby boomer women are especially good at it!  Information products are in high demand and 100s of thousands are sold online every day.  Give it a try!  Start by signing up for my free Terri-fic Tips Newsletter today!  


There Really Is A Way To Make More "Retired" Than Hired

As you probably know, it really is more blessed to give than to receive.  We have to give first in order to succeed as Baby Boomer Business Women.  It's a natural law.  We naturally are attracted to givers, who unselfishly offline.  Well, it is exactly the same online. 

The internet is full of non-attraction marketing.  So if you offer value first, it is a very pleasant surprise to people who are surfing the internet and find you. 

When you search for information online, you aren't usually looking for a person to get to know or a new product to buy.  Usually we go online to find information, right?  Maybe even a solution to a problem or dilemma.  True?

First, You Must PRE-Sell

Yes, I am in business and I am making sales but I believe it's because I've learned to PREsell. 

Did you read the post before this one?  The reality is that my online biz is quite literally easier to manage than a job or an offline business.  When women get this, it's so empowering and motivating that nothing can stop us!

Here's a post-it note for you...  Online, if we over-deliver online with our writing or someone else's, providing high quality value information for people, real people who are searching for what you offer.  

Be credible.  Success on the net all begins with giving.  Think of your "pages," posts, forum conversations, etc. as YOU, Inc. 

Creating "You Inc." Can Be The Good, The Bad, Or The Ugly

Don't be a stranger with a sales pitch.  Be the personable YOU, not the commercial you.  We all have a pushy side that can get ugly.  We don't mean to be bad.  We just want to be sure everyone understands our point of view for their sake.  Women are like that so of naturally.  BUT, we shouldn't be that way as a first impression, especially online.  

Believe it or not, there truly is a place in business for what some call "hype."  But it only has a GOOD result when the commercial YOU follows the real you who has learned to market well using words that help people discover the value you have to offer.

Make More "Retired" Than Hired!

Yes!  It can be done but not overnight.  Online Network Marketing or any Internet Marketing for that matter is like many entrepreneurial offline adventures except for one thing - it takes time but not as much and it takes money but not as much.  Don't quit your day job yet.  Just get started online.  I can help.  Just call me!  918.830.6900 or book an appointment at the top right.  I'm my own boss now, an ex-exec and I love it!  You will too!