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Building On A Budget With Mike Dillard and Mike Klingler

Building on a budget with Mike Dillard and Mike Klingler is a great way to spend less and get more!  I am building my Internet Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business on a budget and thanks to Mike and Mike :) I am getting more success with less - less money and less wasted time.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  So let's back up to just 8 short months ago. 

Network Marketing Before Internet MLM

Back then, I was spending wayyy toooo much money trying to build my MLM business.  My network marketing upline sincerely believed in building their organization the old way so that's how they taught me.  I went to all of our "events."  Big convention trips out of state at $800 or more each, all of our hotel meetings at $15 each, and I was spending a ton of wasted time.   

Network Marketing Business Model

It was so disheartening to find so few people interested in network marketing.  It's a wonderful way to create wealth, by helping others to do the same.  I absolutely love it!  It's my very favorite business model. 

But to become wealthy together in MLM, you have to find like-minded people.  I thought that would be easy.  Nope.  Not until I found Renegade University and the support Mike Klingler has created from a huge network of, guess what!  Internet Network Marketers.  A few months ago, I didn't know anything about marketing my MLM business online.  Now I definitely do!

Internet Network Marketing

Mike Klingler teaches Internet network marketing.  There is no better way to find your target market than marketing online.  It is surprising how few people in our industry understand even Internet Network Marketing 101.  I was one of them.   But now, after learning from Mike click-by-click, exactly how to build an Internet network marketing blog, write an ezine article, etc. I am generating my own free leads.  Now that's building on a budget!  

Generate Free MLM Leads

Free leads come from my referral links.  People click on your referral links and fill out the form.  You can literally start generating prospects in a few days, free!  If you click on one of my my referral links, fill out the form, then it generates a free lead for me to contact - which would be you!   

The MLM business is changing and as network marketing entrepreneurs, that can be to our advantage.  Right now so few of us are learning internet marketing that at Renegade U, we can take advantage of the change.  Building On A Budget taught by both Mike Klingler and by Mike Dillard in his book by the same name (see article below) can quickly get us into full swing, way ahead of the internet network marketing trend.   

Web 2.0

Think of it - the entire world is our audience online.  And we can now interact with them.  Even just 2 short years ago, that was not true.  But the second generation of the Internet, Web 2.0, changed all that. 

Before, it was too expensive to set up a website, even for small businesses, much less for one individual internet marketing entrepreneur.  You had to spend big money to get a website up that would actually bring in enough internet traffic to do any good.  

Now, with Web 2.0, even college kids  make money online, building on a shoe-string budget, marketing all over the USA plus places like India, China, you name it.  What a great time to be in business, if you are an Internet Network Marker

Learn more about building on a budget as a professional internet network marketer in the article below.  It's about my other favorite Mike, and his book, "Building On A Budget."

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