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Building Your Own Free "Radio Station" On A Budget Perry Belcher Style

Are you more exciting than a desk? Of course you are! About 100 days ago, Mike Dillard's pal, Perry Belcher, learned about social media. It is the most powerful marketing strategy out there today.

Who Is Perry Belcher?

Belcheris a multi-million dollar marketing professional who once, a few months ago, had a pretty low profile. Butnow he is like a celebrity. Mike Dillard and others are endorsing what he has to say about social media marketing.

Belcher has beenlearning what he can do with places like Twitter. He now says that social media is fast becoming the very best way to market!!!

Social Media Marketing

Why would a guy who makes millions as a marketer get into social media marketing? Because things have changed online so dramatically recently that social media is the big buzz in all marketing circles.

But very few people know it. Now you do.

Build A "Radio Station" For Free

Did you know that your audience can easily be bigger than your local radio station's audience. Would owning a radio stationgive you any additional advertising power? :)

Think about your town. If your biggest radio station in town has6000 people who listen regularly. If you wanted to buy it, thatradio station would cost you a fortune.Well have you heard ofTwitter? Twitteralone can give youan audience of 100s --hundreds of people reallyquick and 1000s eventually.

Building On A Budget

Guess how muchTwittering costs?Your Twitter audience costs nothing.

See my blue title tag at the top of this page, "Building On A Budget?"Well, this is the really big news on this page. So



Stay with me. The big news is sites like Twitter are so much more powerful than most people realize. Right now I have 100s following me at Twitter. Do they all notice my tweets? No. But I frequently bring in traffic tonew blog posts here, to new hubpages there, to my new ezine articles here and there... you get the picture.

That audience at Twitter keeps growing. Out of the 100s of"followers" I have, I am getting 20, sometimes 30 real people thatactually do follow me every time I send a tweet, about that many notice and follow.

Start Building Your Radio Station Now... How Should You Begin?

Here's my Twitterpage. Adopt some of my friends and start sharing your personality.  Just be you.  It's really that simple. 

Start broadcasting today on your free radio station.  Give it a while, watch Belcher's video to get the big picture.  I posted it here -->Social Media Marketing Makeover. 

One word of caution, and this is so important, do not be a sales person on Twitter or on any social media. That's spam. Be you. Just be you.