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Email Marketing Trick or Treat?

How To Send A Fancy Email

One early morning I decided to take a picture of the rising sun from my back yard.  I wanted to capture the beauty of dawn standing on our back porch.  

It was a good looking shot of the sun coming up but what I didn't notice was how intent my yellow lab, Sparkle, was in watching me take the shot. 

What was meant as an inspiring scene of day break from our pool in the early morning turned out to be...  Spooky Sparkle!

So now I have this great idea of writing a fancy email to my list about email marketing.  I'll call it "Email Marketing Trick or Treat?" because it's October.  Perfect!  And I'll include my Spooky Sparkle shot. 

Then I realize - "ah Oh!  That means designing an HTML email - now that's Boo scary!

What if the spam filters think I should be banned from delivery just because I've used HTML?  And what if I don't know enough about HTML email to pull this off?  Afterall, I've only sent two emails to my list that I would call fancy emails.  And I'm not quite sure how I did it. 

Plus, just the other day I read something like...

"When Bad HTML Happens To Good Email Campaigns"

"Yikes!  I don't want that to happen to me!" I thought.  But I really like fancy.  So, here's what I have put together for any of you who think beginning a newsletter or sending out fancy HTML emails are all just too Boo Scary!

Why should you do it?  Because I found out after just sending two fancy emails that my list (you all) like them.  I received more actual replies than ever before from many of you when I sent out my first Marketing For Beach Money email. 

Don't Forget Direct Mail Marketing - Send Cards Too...So let's get started.  How 'bout them HTMLs inside your email? Simple mistakes can seriously affect delivery of your email or it can just look like an amateur attempt... which is even worse! 

HTML coding for emails is much tricker than for websites but it's worth learning because attractive design always pulls in the reader and could significantly increase your conversion rates... BIG time.

Email Marketing A Few Of Terri's Terri-fic Tricks

  • Email Width: Websites aren't so picky about how wide your design is but many email companies are.  Keep your email, design and all, a fixed width, inside 500 -650 pixels wide. 
  • Don't use JavaScript:  Some email companies believe it to be a security risk and will block your email.
  • While learning, don't use tables that are nested inside.
  • Using animated gif files are actually a good idea if used sparingly.
  • Always proof an HTML email by sending first to yourself and then to only a few.  Then check open rates, undelivered rates, etc. before sending an HTML email out to 100s.

Stay tuned!  More email trick or treat goodies will be posted here!