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How To Generate Free MLM Leads

The Money's In The List!

The banner on the left is one of the  first things I did to start generating targeted leads for my business.  I simply copied what I learned from Mike Dillard, the author of "Building On A Budget."  With Dillard's help, I found a better way to recruit into my MLM team than what I had been trying to do with friends and family.   That was the beginning of what I call Internet MLM Now. 

If you google these two words - internet mlm - you will find me on page one of google results.  Many people find me online and some join my MLM before I ever speak to them. 

I've learned a lot since those days when I would personally try to recruit people who were not the least bit interested in network marketing. If you've ever tried to explain residual income to anyone that isn't familiar with the multi-level marketing  business model, then you know how painful that can be.  It's a lot more fun when people call you.

I've learned from Dillard and many others how to generate my own leads for my business.  It's not easy but it is simple.  Don't let anyone tell you that marketing your MLM business online is easy or fast.  It isn't.  But the good news is, once you build it... 

Building Your Multi-level Marketing Machine

Here's what is easy, extremely easy... generating free leads, after you build your internet multi-level marketing machine.

Because it's true, IF you build it, they WILL come. 

Lots of very savvy network marketing potential clients will come to you for help.  And some of them will join your team, even before you ever speak to them in person.

But even if they don't, you can help them, keep them on your list, give valuable information to them for free and for sale.  Many of those people will buy from you.  Why?  Because you're one of them.  You are their target market and they are your target market.  They are people who think just like you about network marketing.  You speak their language. 

So even if they are already in a team that isn't yours, you can still offer very valuable information to them and some will buy it because you've earned their trust.  It's what Mike Dillard calls "The Funded Proposal."

The Funded Proposal

The funded proposal concept is a basic marketing principle of offering an inexpensive product if the more costly product isn't purchased.  Let's say that you buy Dillard's "Building On A Budget" from me.  I make a commission to help me fund my business even if you never join my MLM.  But, now I also have your name and email address.  Dillard gives it to me because I'm an affiliate marketer for him.  I've also put his training into practice so I'm qualified to help YOU build on a budget FASTER than I did.  So I send you my 10 terrific tips to you via email and help you for free.  Eventually, you call me for 1:1 help and ask guess what?  You will probably ask me what MLM company I'm in.  

One of my MLMs costs $1000 up front to join and one of them costs $10.  Should I start with the high-end or the low-end product?  Immediately, you know the answer.  That's my terrific tip for you today.  Be sure you have a high quality low-end product to offer networkers so that they can easily join your team. 

I highly recommend that you offer something with state-of-the-art internet marketing products.  Afterall, you intuitively know that's where multi-level marketing success strategies are headed, right?  Toward internet MLM. 

The MLM I like to promote on the front-end is GDI.  Their low-end products are global domain names - hence the name, Global Domains International (GDI).  Millions of people buy domain names.  Why not buy them from you, as your less costly, front-end MLM offer?  Take a test drive by clicking the banner below.  You'll see what I mean.  When you join, you'll have my number, so call me - I'd love to help!

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