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Blogging For Business Tips! Escape Overwhelm And Succeed In Internet Marketing. Learn From Mike Klingler To Stay Focused

Blogging For Business

Think of a blog as a non-fiction book written by you about something you want to share with the world. Books are organized with a theme or title and with catagories or a table of contents.

Let's say you would like to sell one of your MLM company products using a blog. If you were writing a book, what would you call it? My MLM company products are nutritional supplements. So the name of ny book could be "Feeling Good Instead Of Bad" and my table of contents could be:


Table of Contents

Chapter One:   Low Calcium Culprit ............................... Page 2

Chapter Two:   Vitamin D and Vitality ............................. Page 10

Chapter Three:  etc.

Well, instead of figuring out how to publish and sell your book, write a blog instead! It might look like this...

Renegade Professional is a great place to learn how to blog all the way to the bank! The blog you're reading began a few months ago, click by click with Mike Klingler at Renegade Professional, the private membership of his company, MarketingMerge.com.

To get a taste of what learning with Klingler is all about, watch the video below. Get a cup of coffee, kick back and relax because it is half an hour or so long. 


Going Nowhere: I Was All Dressed Up With Knowledge And No Place To Go


Just a little over 10 months ago, I didn’t understand why my internet marketing knowledge was getting me no where!


Then I received a link inviting me to my first live webinar with Mike Klingler. That night I created my first successful blog, while watching Mike step-by-step on live video.


That was last year, in late February. I started building an internet marketing machine with Mike.


About 3 Three Months Later, I Was Generating Free Leads and Sales.


Feeling overwhelmed with tons of training that was getting me no where immediately melted into confidence as I watched Mike in that first webinar last February.


Since then, whatever he shows me to do on each live webinar and on the video tutorials archived in the Professional back office of Renegade University, I do!


The Professional Back Office At Renegade University Is Closing


The professional back office is closing. This may be the last time you can upgrade for a $1 so here’s my advice, do it. The second thing I did after building my blog was put up my personal website at Renegade University. I can’t begin to explain how powerful this is… http://www.TerriStallcop.com


It cost me $1 to ugrade to professional level at Renegade University that first night. That $1 created the beginnings of my blog that a few months later has a Google rank of 2/10.


That Means Google Knows Me and Likes Me and Sends Me Traffic!


I just want you to know how great it is for me now only to encourage you to do the same thing.


Enroll now, upgrade immediately and get started on the training exactly as it is laid out.  Do it now - click the banner and let's get started.  On the inside, you will see me, your guide.  My job is to be your personal business coach.  Click below now, enroll and then book an appointment!  Let's get started!


Renegade University

Book a 15 minute appointment.  It's amazing what we can accomplish, just 15 minutes at a time!


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