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Ann Sieg and Ty Tribble's Blogging For Prospects

Beginner Blogging

Just a short post to say that I am doing a series on blogging for business at http://www.agelrenegade.com that is designed more for beginners in case that is more of what interests you at this point. 

A blog is such a huge part of Internet network marketing that I can not stress enough how we must just "dare to be average" and publish the thing.  Really.  Just start a blog with one post and publish it.  You can dress it up later. 

Think of your business blog as the hub of a wheel with spokes leading into it with backlinks that are from places like ezine articles you write, Squidoo lenses you write, ads you post, etc. 
                                                 Ezine                           US Free Ad 

Squidoo lensHubpages


Blogging For Business 101

Blogging For Business is a dream come true for so many Renegade Professionals.  Renegade University tutorials give step by step, click by click instructions on blogging so that in the end, people are attracted to you because of your blog.  Attraction marketing is so powerful that in no time at all, your prospects will buy. your product because of your blog.  

So, how does this work?

Two Simple Strategies:

#1 Traffic Value

#2 Inbound Link Value


Find two blogs that you like and are attracted to on your specific topic.  For example, I am very into Internet Network Marketing so I can search for b olgs with that keyword phrase on Google and Yahoo and other search engines to find my favorite blog or two.  Here is my all yime favorite:  Mike Klingler's Marketing Merge Network blog.  Check out www.MyBlogLog.com to get an idea.  don't over analyze.  Just pick one or two.  For more Traffic Value, study titles.  Here's another blog I like for headline power, http://www.copyblogger.com/10-sure-fire-headline-formulas-that-work/




Renegade University

Blogging For Business: A Review On One Of Craig Desorcy's Posts In His New Blog, "Idiot Proof Blogging."

I am so excited to find Craig Desorcy's blog tutorials on his new blog!  They are tutorials that he says were written for people who felt or feel like an idiot trying to learn how to build a blog that can make money.  He remembers feeling like that.  Who knew!

I learned two things today as a beginner blogger from Craig that I have wondered about often. It has to do with "pings" and "trackbacks."   I've read that it will help increase the traffic to this blog if I comment on other blogs that allow trackbacks.  Huh? 

I'm going to try to explain what I think I understand now after learning from Craig Desorcy.  Trackbacks from someone elses blog back to mine is like a vote for my blog.  If the vote comes from a website that has a lot of traffic, search engines see that as a vote for me.  It get's their attention if it happens often.  So,  

  1. First I need to know what articles allow trackbacks in my field of interest.  So I could Google "blogging for business"  and add the word "trackbacks."  That will give me some choices of blogs and articles that allow trackbacks.  Note:  My keyword phrase for this page in my blog is "blogging for business" - and you can tell that by looking at the top blue bar (title tag) so that's why I'm typing into Google that long phrase "blogging for business trackbacks." 
  2. What I would do then is find an article I like that has the word "trackback" at the bottom.  Now I'm not going to actually do that because I already know I want a trackback from Craig's article that I read just a few minutes ago. 
  3. If I click on the word trackback, it will give me a unique url, a website address.  I will soon copy and paste it but not yet.
  4. Notice I linked to Craig's new blog above with the keyword phrase "blog tutorials" because that was the first two words in his title tag (the blue bar at the top)  I want him to like what he reads here plus I just think it is nice to link to his blog and send all of you there.  Traffic from my readers to his site is a nice thing to do even if search engines don't notice. 
  5. After I finish this post, I will make sure that my trackback feature here at squarespace is enabled.  If it isn't I'll have to figure that out.  
  6. After I enable trackbacks here if they aren't already, then I will copy the trackback URL at Craig's post and paste it where Squarespace puts that feature here on my blog.
  7. What will happen is Craig will see that he's got a trackback request.  If Craig doesn't want to allow the trackback, he can say no.  But if he approves, then I have his vote, so to speak.  

 Go see Craig, at Idiot Proof Blogging!  Tell him I sent you :)


Blog Building Builds Business!

The Blog - Why, What, and How of Blogging 

THE WHY... Why Blog? You Gotta Have Heart

There are tons of reasons for building a blog so we have to know why we're blogging.  

My "why" or the purpose  of this blog is to help others learn internet marketing, including my MLM team members.  That's my "why" for Internet MLM NOW.  heart.jpg 

We have to have a strong "why" for motivation.  If it doesn't involve helping people, don't blog.  Do something else to build your business.  You gotta have heart as you write or no one will read it.  Think of your why as your passion.  What's your reason for being in your particular business?  What drives you to be in your own  business? 

THE WHAT... What Do You Want?  Show Me The Money:)

There are many things a blog can accomplish.  Before building a business blog we have to know what results we're after, what's the outcome we are trying to achieve?   

Want extra income?  Blogging for business works. You can make money from blogging.  For example, when people, (my MLM team included) enroll in my free network marketing training, I make money and so can you.  Your blog like this one can link to MANY avenues of extra income.  If that's your "WHAT,"  I can help you.


So before building a blog that will build your business, know must know "what" you want.  Need some ideas?  You might want to:  

  • Increase Sales - directly promoting products and services - for example announcing new products.
  • Build Customer Loyalty - fostering customer loyalty, building relationships with clients and customers etc
  • Educate Your Team - Internal team communication in a blog can be password protected for team building, training, announcements, brainstorming, etc.  or it can be open to the public like mine.   
  • Build "Community"  - Your blog can be designed to get the attention of like-minded people.  It's like networking at the Rotary Club to build referrals and help others by doing the same. 
  • Promote Affiliate Programs for Extra Income - There are many, many wonderful affiliate programs out there that are super easy to promote, giving you cash flow to put right back into your business.  And you can promote them on your blog. 

THE HOW... The "How To" for Using Blogs To Generate Leads

How do blogs build your network marketing biz?  It is so exciting to learn how to build a business blog that actually generates leads for your business.  This one does and it is my very first one, before I even know what I was doing! 

Using blogs to generate leads is easy, Peasy!  But you have to have the right mentor...  (me, for example :-) I would love to help you!  Here's one key - keyword search

To bring internet traffic to your blog so that people can opt-in either to subscribe to your blog updates or to fill out the forms you link to - either way, they won't give you their name and email if they can't find you.  You can have a great blog and no traffic.  You can have a beginners blog and get plenty of traffic.  It's all in knowing how to research keywords, link them up in the right way to other web content, and presto you will be in the fast lane of internet traffic!  

All it takes it the right instructor.  Step-by-step, click-by-click, anyone can learn  internet marketing skill.  You too can build your network marketing business online.    

You too can generate leads for your business. Just fill out the form and I will help you step by step.  Learn how to get prospects to call you!  Let's get started!  www.TerriStallcop.com

To your continued success blogging for business!


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