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Copy Writing Skills - Turn Your Blog Into Bucks!  

David Garfinkel is known as the "World's Greatest Copywriting Coach." He loves to teach.  He could have retired years ago on his millions but instead, he still writes copy and teaches his students how to make millions writing as well. 

Know, not all of his students do that well but many do.  One of the things he says on the free interview I want to give you is something like:

Copywriting is not just about money - it's about writing to inspire people toward action - be it a purchase, a decision, another step toward their goal - and they in turn give you money for helping them. 

 It doesn't matter whether you're writing a sales letter, an ad, a script for a video or podcast, or preparing a power point presentation, you need the skills of copywriting to help people. 

Helping people find a solution or find what they want is what good advertising is all about but it isn't just that. It has to be more than marketing for money.

Marketing For Money

Marketing for money is what I do but if I didn't provide any thing of value, no one would give me money.  Turning your blog into bucks is absolutely possible for you even if you are not a good writer.  Good writers weren't always good writers.  Even the most gifted writers probably are not all making tons of money, right?

But some people who can't write well at all can still make money writing!  So how does that work??   Well a lot of them study copywriting secrets and are turning their blogs into bucks!

Turn Your Words Into Wealth

Grab a cup of coffee and listen in on Ann Sieg's interview with David Garfinkel by clicking below:

 "Turn Your Words Into Wealth"