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Keywords - Use This Keyword Kool Tool 

Get your Kool Tool here! KEYWORD TOOL AT GOOGLE use the tool to type in a general term for your target market.   Who do you want internet traffic from on your blog, article, etc. ?  Type that in.  For example, I typed in baby boomers.  I got 1,216 keyword phrase results, the total at the bottom of the first column.  That means 1,216 searches per day with the keyword phrase baby boomers.  People have typed some form of this phrase into a search window at search engine sites like google, 1,216 times per day.  

You can type in all kinds of keywords and keyword phrases and get tons of ideas for your niche market.  Then write about it in your business blog using your favorite keywords and presto!  You've got internet traffic! 


Or For More Advanced Keyword Research, Try Wordtracker Free!