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Why Learn PPC If I'm Already Generating Free Leads With My Article Marketing?

Why Learn Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Here's the short answer...  because my perpetual internet traffic machine has gone into overdrive!! It's on auto-pilot!  So now I can take a break and learn a new skill that has intimidated me for months - Pay Per Click seemed hard the last and only time I ever tried it!  But now, thanks to Mike Klingler and Charles Heflin, my marketing machine is running 24/7 producing leads every week. 

I can afford to take these PPC lessons now with no worries.  That's one of the great things about PPC - you control your budget, not Google.  

I've only spent $3.16 my first week.  So don't be afraid. Jump in with me.  Here's the line from Mike Dillard's sales letter -- 

"Ever Wish You Knew How To Use Google Adwords But Always Thought It Was Too Hard?" 

And here's what I found out in just one day...  it is not that hard plus, there are MANY reasons to just blast on through the fear of spending too much.  You won't.  The thing to fear is NOT learning PPC.  Never learning would be a BIG mistake.   

Top Ten Reasons To Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

So here are the top ten reasons to learn Pay Per Click that are mentioned throughout Jim Yaghi's PPC Domination lessons.

Marketing Dreams Come True

Jim Yaghi says,

"Pay Per Click marketing is the home business owner's dream because..."

  1. You can target the quality of your customers with precision.
  2. You have complete control over your budget.
  3. You get to expose your product and/or business to an insanely large audience.
  4. It's extremely simple and easy to get started.
  5. It's as close to real time results of your marketing as you can get.
  6. Split testing ads is easy (market research) 
  7. And with sales, the clicks make money for you instead of costing you! 
  8. You can take a break from social media marketing, email marketing, article marketing, blogging, etc. and just do PPC to generate leads. 
  9. Jim Yaghi and Mike Dillard say, "There is no form of advertising on earth that gives you the power of PPC marketing!" and
  10. **More BONUS reasons why we should learn PPC inside this sales letter from Mike Dillard.
  11. Oh, and one more thing just from me... it's FUN! 

It's like playing a video game - not like work at all.  I like checking in to:

  • see how many people have seen my ads so far and
  • how many people have clicked them.  I like seeing
  • how much each lead cost, and/or
  • how much profit has been added to my business (if I make a sale from PPC ads, my Google cost turned into nothing but free leads and money in my pocket!)

Well, that's the FUN-damentals!!  Here's my results so far...

 In just a few minutes last week, my ads were up and running, AND seen by 100s!!  Now that's FUN - lots of traffic! 

Last week, I simply watched Jim Yaghi in the video tutorials and did what he said to do. As he created an ad, I created an ad almost identical to his.

Now I did run into a little snag as you can read about in an earlier post on this page. But that was fun too.  I learned how to solve the problem!  And I will share that in another post so that you can skip that little snag :)

PPC Domination Results (Week One)

keyword         Agel          Dillard        Total

views              504             184          688 

clicks                  3                3             6 

**leads               ?                 ?            4 

**sales                   ?                ?          1 

**I'm not sure if these leads and one sale are from PPC ads

or from my article marketing.  Stay tuned as I learn how to

track my results!

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