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Mike Dillard's PPC Domination and Jim Yaghi's Expert Pay Per Click Lessons

Okay - I can officially say that Project PPC Domination is an excellent course.It is a little intimidating because Jim Yaghi deals in numbers like $10,000 as he runs Mike Dillard's PPC campaigns.

But in the PPC Domination course, Yaghi teaches exactly how to do what he does using very safenumbers.

PPC Domination Day 1

In the Magnetic Sponsoring back office for affiliates, I now have all of the course, 16 videos and 3 resources inpdf format.

There are 3 sections in the course:

  1. Preparing To Advertise
  2. Adwords Concepts
  3. Increasing Exposure With Keywords

That's the video series, the meat, high quality steak, I must say.

Jim Yaghi

The video series is actually more professional than I expected because in some of Yaghi's videos at YouTube, etc. he sort of seems less polished. In this course, he is very polished, very well organized, very very good as he teaches preparation, concepts and troubleshooting.

He teaches every bit of the coursewith step by step videos so that you, the student, are working on your ads right along side with him. (I bet he learned to do that from Mike Klingler, the master of video tutorials in my book.)

My First Ad Had A Problem

I put up my first ad as I watched and listened to Yaghi but Google didn't like it.  I kept getting an error message that my URL was disapproved.  It was this one:


I'm going to try again with this URL after I have some success to see if I can figure out what's wrong with it.  It's my domain name for one of my blogs.  The ad had "Agel" in the title which a lot of PPC ads have so who knows...

Anyway I switched to this URL www.SecretFromTerri.com and my ad was up on page one in just minutes for the keyword phrase [mike dillard] 

Google that phrase and see if you find my ad with www.secretfromterri.com but don't click it because it will cost me $0.70 :)  

You should find me one page one in the sponsored ads to your right, in the 6th position for the very competitive term "mike dillard."  My ad doesn't even mention him.  But when you click on my ad, you get the real Mike Dillard promoting PPC Domination with a capture page, my affiliate capture page.  Anyone who fills out the form will be my lead.  It's this capture page at www.secretfromterri.com   

How Did My Ad Show Up So Fast On Page One Of Google For The Keyword "mike dillard?"

Stay tuned.  I'll write about that tomorrow plus I'll share my stats on

  • # impressions
  • # clicks
  • # leads

Leave any questions or comments you have right here.  I'd like to see a lot of interaction on this page as if it is a forum.  We can help each other a lot that way.  EXCITING!


Learning Google Adwords The MLM Way

I generate free leads almost every day from several techniques, none of which are from PPC ads.  However, I'm not generating 100 per day... yet!  

I intend to get up to 50 leads/day with this Pay Per Click course in four months.  Stay tuned to see if I make it.  I'll record my progress here on this page of my blog.  

Mike Dillard will be launching PPC Domination on Monday, January 19th, 2009. 

I a little nervous because PPC can really cost you a lot if you don't know what you're doing and I don't!  But if I'm going to learn what Mike Dillard calls the best way to generate leads for your MLM, well, that's Google Adwords he says.  

So I'm going to learn the way Mike Dillard and PPC Guru, Jim Yaghi, teach.

Google Adwords The MLM Way

If you are not a multi-level marketer (MLM) you should add MLM to your list of ways to make money online. If you combine MLM with the skill of Adwords PPC advertising, the results could be domination of your MLM company products and you could become a top producer in less than a year.  That's the power of Internet MLM now.  This is a huge window of opportunity but it will not last long, maybe a few more years, maybe less. 

As you can see, this blog is all about Internet MLM. Internet MLM is rapidly becoming the most popular way to build an online business using multi-level marketing.  

So what does all that have to do with Google Adwords?

Plenty.The one thing we must do to build a downline in MLM is to generate not just new leads everyday but targeted leads - people actually interested in building an MLM business.

Learning From Perry Marshall

I have studied some very excellent lessons from Perry Marshall about using Google Adwords and you probably have too if you've ever considered posting ads with Google.  Most people learning internet marketing will be one of his students eventually, especially concerning Google Adwords.

But, Marshall doesn't gear his lessons toward network marketers.

If your goal is to build a downline with leads that are people who want to know more about MLM, then those leads are highly qualified for your business.  

The expert that Mike Dillard hired long ago to set up his Google Adword campaigns, Jim Yaghi, is bringing in 90% of Mike Dillard's leads.  Let me say this again because I didn't know this and it blows my mind... 

Dillard says that 90% of his leads come from Google Adword campaigns run by Jim Yaghi.

Learning From Mike Dillard

I've been learning from Mike Dillard for a while. Part of the reason I'm surprised that Dillard uses almost exclusively Google Adwords for lead generation is because I have all of his other stuff.  Dillard knows everything about internet marketing.  His most complex course, MLM Traffic Formula, is sort my reference book when I'm stuck on anything related to internet marketing and generating targeted MLM traffic.

Dillard Became My Hero

When I found out that Mike Dillard wrote his manuscript for MLM Traffic Formula sitting in this coffee house, dumping every thing he knew into his laptop several years back and then made millions from the sales, I wanted to be like him :).

I think PPC Domination will be no different and it will sell like hotcakes!

If you are already an affiliate of Dillard's at Magnetic Sponsoring, then head on over there and get your affilialte link QUICK, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to promoting this course.  

Even if you never buy it, you will make commissions.

Learning From Terri Stallcop- Me :)

Here's my next recommendation... do what I'm going to do with me. I intend to buy PPC Domination as soon as it is available on Monday, January 19, 2009. (BTW, Affiliates get a 65% discount)

My first goal and first campaign on Google Adwords will be to dominate Google Adwords in the new niche of PPC Domination ads :)

Lofty goal?  Not really. There won't be that many ads about PPC Domination at first. Later there will be TONS.

Exciting!! Be sure to watch all the free videos on his sales page here---> PPC Domination so that you are in the loop and get his promo emails leading up to the launch on Monday.  You can click here too on the kit below.  Let's get started!PPC Domination For Network Marketers