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BetterNetworker Social Network For Network Marketers

Over the next few weeks, I will be giving lessons here about how to be a better networker by joining BetterNetworker. If you want to be part of a huge community of network marketing leaders who share our business secrets with each other, then you have to know how to socialize there.

If you advertise more than you socialize, we will ban you. But if you contribute value, a little advertising will go a long, long, long way!

So, right now, head on over and set up your profile. Here's mine: http://www.betternetworker.com/members/terrijo 



SEO 2.0 : Crowd Sourcing and Synnd

Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot, Then Take A Break And See The World!

       Syndication Revelation

Social Media & SEO 2.0


SEO 2.0 is an interesting concept of your web content being optimized for search engines by social media, the Web 2.0 crowd.  Crowdsourcing or crowd sourcing is phenomenal.  Right this minute there's a social media buzz going on around the globe... millions of conversations.  Some of those conversations can make or break a business.  No need to do polling much or surveys etc. if all we have to do is find a forum.

Let's say we want to know if we should buy the new, latest greatest brand of makeup or shaving cream.  Well there are people talking about both right now.  How about a particular motorcycle or a particular MLM company or a particular vacuum cleaner.  Just go online and listen in on what people are saying in a forum, day or night, 24/7.

So, how do we tap into crowd sourcing so that our MLM or our affiliate program gets the buzz and people end up buying from us?  If we succeed at social media marketing, then we are also succeeding in SEO 2.0 meaning Google will also help with the buzz. 

Watch this video more than once to learn how to  GROW YOUR BUSINESS !!

Your Content Strategy - The BIG Picture...

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Squidoo And RSS

The world is changing and so is Marketing 101. Do NOT get left behind. There's really no reason to miss out. It seems intimidating at first but marketing online with all the advantages is so wonderful, don't let a little alphabet soup like RSS and ATOM and XML keep you from hanging in there.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is as easy as clicking a button on your website. If someone likes what you write, or if you want to add one of your articlesto your own website, click, copy and paste!

What if I wanted you to find a Squidoo lens of mine here? What would I need to do?

  • Well I could just link to it...
  • or I could give you a little button to click on

If you have plus-mo, just click here ------->> Add to your phone

That button would put my Squidoo article in your phone so that you could read it later... say while your in line at the grocery store. AMAZING!

Watch the cute little video below about RSS. It's just another FUN-damental of building your MLM business online!

This is Lee LeFever. He's really so good at just plain English!




SEO 20/20 and Charles Heflin's New SEO 2.0 Strategies

This is Charles Heflin. I have blogged about Heflin before.  I think he's a genius. For years he has studied social media. For years and years. I know - he looks too young to have studied years and years but he has. He and his team have studied in particular how social media buzz seems to be THE best way to market anything. Here is a recent quote:

"The Internet has become a mirror reflection of who we are as humans. This boom in social media participation has spawned the need for business to pay very close attention to this tsunami in order to decide if entering this space would be appropriate." Charles Heflin

 Charles Heflin

Here's my advice... "enter this space!" 

I will keep you posted on exactly what that means but for now here's what you really must do.  Join a forum of like-minded people.  You can find them at Squidoo, Renegade University, Facebook, Digg, Propeller, SEO 2020, or just google and interest like "Internet MLM" 

SEO 2.0 is new, new, new!  Stay tuned.  Don't get behind.  This is my intro post on SEO 2.0.  I will write A LOT about it here. Let's begin with...

Social Media Networking 

Just like all wise entrepreneurs, to build a business of our own, networking is part of the business.  Building relationships and building trust has always been the keys to success in building a business. 

Well, now, you can provide customer service for all the world to see, just by getting in on the conversation.  For example, while you are reading this there ar millions and millions of conversations going on if forums all over the Net.

Get in on them.  Is someone asking about your products?  You bet they are.  Get in on that conversation and provide valuable assistance.  That customer service assistance for someone that is not even buying from you will cause pause.  

People considering your products and your MLM as a business opportunity will be so glad to find you.  You actually won't have to look for people to convince any more.  They will find you.   




Social Media and Networking To Build Your Business

This is incredibly important. Social Media if fast becoming the very best way to build your business. This has not always been the case.

This part of my blog may very well be the most popular SOON because it will eventually be the most valuable. Why?

Because Social Media Marketing is exploding!

Even internet millionaire marketers are so excited to discover what just one site like Twitter.com can do to spread the word about you and your business. 

Here's Perry Belcher, a multi-millionaire guy who is so thrilled about what he accomplished in just 100 days on Twitter. 

He's just being Perry and getting tons of traffic.  You just have to be the unique YOU, not the "sales rep you." 

I am definitely getting new traffic from Twitter.  The last time I posted a new blog post on Twitter my stats went up - 20 of my new visitors were from Twitter.

Those 20 real people came to visit not because of technical SEO.  They came to visit because of social media optimization (SMO).

Perry Belcher is a pretty colorful guy but stay with him.  What he is saying is... "Every thing online is changing!"

Social Marketing  Part One  Perry Belcher