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Facebook Frenzy

Time to get in on the Facebook frenzy!  How to use social media marketing to build your MLM is a whole lot about timing.    People will soon be searching google and other search engines to find out what's going on with Facebook. 

So what is the frenzy all about?  Well, even though many people knew they could switch from old facebook to new, there are 100,000's of Facebook users who didn't know.  It's really not a huge big change but the last time Facebook launched a change, college kids just about went postal on the company.  Now it might be the huge bunch of people like me that use Facebook more for marketing my work rather than for connecting with friends like the college kids do. 

But here's my point - WRITE SOMETHING NOW.  This entire blog is about Internet MLM NOW! Network marketing professionals are soon going to be coming online in droves.  It has already begun.  I'm one of them, only for the last 6 months.  I have MUCH more success with Internet marketing to find highly qualified leads than I ever did with years of talking to friends, family and strangers about my business.

Recently, I wrote an article about a big news item in my MLM company.  Mike Dillard at Marketing Merge teaches what I'm teaching here and I paid attention.  He said one of his greatest success stories is when he first learned to get out in front and write about the news happening in our industry.  It increases your likelihood of being found online and attracting prospects to you. 

Well my article received over 800 traffic hits in 8 days because I practiced this idea.  If you google "Randy Schroeder Leaves Agel" you will find me because I was among the few who wrote about it first.

Now I am doing the same thing about the Facebook frenzy and you should too.  Here's my Squidoo lens: Changes To Facebook Are Goofey.


Charles Heflin and SEO 20/20

Guess what Charles found out with lots of testing?  He says that if we are using social media to create links back to our websites as an SEO technique, our ROI will not be big.  It might even be zilch, nothing.  So why do social media marketing?

Well, think about what our business model is called the most often...  It's called network marketing. 

As you probably know, my favorite coach is Mike Klingler.  He has helped me so much to understand that we must do networking to build our MLM businesses.  Why?  Because that's a critical element of attraction marketing.  The new model for MLM is not without networking.  It's just easier to do now that Web 2.0 gives us the whole world as our audience.

Here's part of what Charles says about audience and social media marketing:"The level of success in social media (as determined by ROI) is directly proportional to the speed at which you gain trust among your audience..."  Charles Heflin 

Make Friends

Would you believe that Google cares about how many friends you have on social networks?  Yep - there are a lot of people who test and see a change in search engines lately.  This is hot off the SEO crowd's press.  They talk about "level of community" noted by search engines and you MUCH more effective SEO than any link building exercises on say, Facebook or MySpace or tons of other online social networks.

And here's the other thing...  if what you say in forums, etc. is not all about valuable content for the community, then not only are you wasting your time, you are loosing the trust of your audience. 

Magnetic Sponsoring

Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler and Charles Heflin all have the same theme in their educational products.  Value sells "You, Inc." as Mike D. says.  And that's magnetic.

Dilliard coined the phrase and it's so true.  Magnetic Sponsoring.  I love that phrase.  To build an MLM downline, we have to sponsor people.  Magnetism isn't just a gift, it's a skill all of us can learn.  We do not have to socialize in all the various social networks about our products, or our company. 

The last thing anyone wants to read in forums is the details of how great your business opportunity is - even though it is great!  To do that isn't attractive.  Attraction marketing in social media is all about building trust.  Be yourself.  Teach others what you are learning like I'm doing here.  Build a web of content that you want others to succeed with if they apply it and let them know that's why you're writing.

Network Marketing is the best business model out there because we don't have to keep promoted over others.  They promote with us - the more our team succeeds the more we succeed.  I love this business!


Social Bookmarking: How To Use Social Media Marketing To Build Your MLM

Social bookmarking is an opportunity that few Multi-Level Marketing entrepreneurs understand. In fact, most have never heard of Digg, or Stumbleupon, or Technorati. The list goes on and on and I absolutely did not understand it just a few short months ago. I'd never heard of these bookmarking sites. And I have surfed the Net for years.

I vaguely remember seeing a few Digg icons but when I would click on them, I would get a message that I was not a member so I couldn't digg anything. Well, what does that mean? I just didn't understand.

I certainly understand now!! Digg is helping me build my business for free!! Want to improve your rankings with the search engines and with real people? Join a social media site.  

But be strategic about where you socialize and how you do it.  Don't just bookmark all your own stuff.  Comment on other's work, bookmark their articles and tell them you did.  They will then most likely do the same for you.  Besides, it's not attractive when someone see's your profile on Digg for instance, and all your "favorites" are your articles.  And guess what?  Search engines don't like it either. 

When you and others bookmark your articles, it leverages your time and efforts because traffic to your website or article is more natural.  You don't have to work hard for traffic.  Just work hard on good content.  

Visits to our websites from high traffic areas like Digg are what we want, visits from real people inside bookmarking sites. When we get that, the search engines reward us and put us on their pages. Why?

Because search engines love high traffic sites.  They love Digg and Stumbleupon.com and many others. Here's how it works:



Charles Heflin's SEO20/20 Is Hindsight20/20

I made it just in time for the Web 2.0 advantage!  Anyone who does not take advantage of social media to market their business to the world might find out too late that this window of opportunity is closed.  No one knows how long we will be able to build a global business online unhindered by regulation.  My guess is, not long.  What a blessing to actually have a two way online conversation in Oklahoma with a new friend in Bangkok, "talking" (writing) about my primary business!  Who would ever guess that Bangkok could be part of my warm market!

Remember once-upon-a-time when visiting someone's website meant that all we could do is view?  That was basically all we could do in Web 1.0.  But now, unlike any other time in history, web 2.0 makes building a community and a global business not just possible but dramatically easy... if we know how.  

Charles Heflin's SEO20/20 is truly hindsight 20/20.  He can see clearly looking back because of years of experience.  He understands the evolution of the internet and how to build online today verses even just months ago.  He teaches how to  individualize a blueprint specifically for your type of business, using social media marketing. 

For example, according to Charles Heflin's course on this subject, to optimize what I do online so that search engines can find me, my "social marketing blueprint formula" should include at least 2  places like FaceBook.  FaceBook is in my blueprint as catagory A, meaning I can send mass messages to the groups I create and to all the friends I make.  YouTube and MySpace are also catagory A Networks. 

But I also need catagory B Networks like this blog on SquareSpace.  In fact, according to my custom blueprint formula, I need to add good quality content to at least ten social media networks that are in catagory B.  A lot of blog sites are catagory B.  So are content sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages.  Bookmarking sites are catagory B networks as well, like Digg and Stumbleupon.  When you want your content on the web found by search engines and people,  Social Bookmarking done right  is very powerful. 

It gets complicated but to help unlock the mysteries of search engine optimization (SEO) take a look at Charles Heflin's online business management site and sign up for his free "Social Marketing Blueprint Formula."  Then take a look at the rest of his website and sign up for his free report.  SEO20/20 is an excellent resource to refer back to any time you want to brush up on SEO.  Take a look at these articles of his and read them in the order they appear and you will have a stronger BIG picture of the Internet.  Get closer to 20/20 vision yourself, realizing what you can do ONLINE!  For example, you can link to an article of yours at a social site like hubpages.com.  Hubpages has a high google ranking so it will promote YOU to link to it.  Just make sure it is related to your topic.

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