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How To Use Social Media Marketing To Build Your MLM

Marketing TO People vs. Marketing BETWEEN People

Imagine first of all that you are going to grow your home business using a professional prospecting plan rather than an unprofessional plan. 

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Let me explain...

There are sound principles of marketing that will build your business faster making it a whole lot more FUN. 

This artlcle is all about the FUN-damentals of integration marketing, so that you can immediately start promoting your MLM to interested prospects.  Imagine that!

Marketing TO People

Marketing TO people is how professional network marketers begin growing their business.  But professional networkers only market their business to interested prospects. 

In other words, get to know your market place.  Where do people hang out that are already interested in what you have to offer?  Don't be the first to mention your MLM to anyone if you don't already know that they are interested in multi-level marketing.  The best way to run off family and friends is to talk too much about it.  That's not multi-level marketing. That's just talking.  Marketing to people is waaay different than just talking. 

The Marketing Funnel

Social media is a great way to get to know your market place, meaning YOUR market place.  If you market outside of it, that's okay on TV, radio and on billboards along the highway.  It is NOT okay on a social media website like Facebook.  Businesses who integrate TV ads, radio ads and billboard marketing do very well with the shotgun approach outside their market place.  If you have the money for it, do it!

But if you are growing your MLM on a budget, market to people who are already interested.  How?  By using integration marketing online and offline applying SOUND marketing principles.  The FB Watch PARTY Webinar! 

How To Build Your Integration Marketing Funnel

That's easy.  At the bottom of your funnel is your MLM replicated website where you make the sale - where you recruit and where you sell your products.  NOTE:  Don't try to sell at the top of your marketing funnel. 

At the top of your funnel you can use business cards at networking events offline or a value-packed information article you've written online.  Both of these are examples of professional marketing.  If you use both, you are integrating both offline and online marketing for free.  Free advertising will bring only interested prospects into your sales funnel where you CAN appropriately sell to them and/or recruit.

The Sales Cycle

FIRST the funnel, THEN the circle.  Marketing BETWEEN people is deep inside the marketing funnel where people BUY!  The sales cycle is so powerful for many reasons.  Just to name a few:

  • referrals,
  • word of mouth advertising and
  • viral online content

Click Above To Watch My 15 Minute VideoCome back next week for Integration Marketing: PART TWO!  And please don't forget to share your thoughts!  Post a comment...