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Social Media Marketing: How To Find Your World-Wide Target Audience and Market to Them For FREE 

http://socialmediamoneysystem.com/webinar/ BY PERRY BELCHER - These are my notes plus a little info from my own experience! 

The Market Place Of Social Media

Are you wasting your marketing time making friends online?


You are wasting your time if you are not telling the truth to your friends

You are wasting your time if you are using mostly hype when you first meet them

You are wasting your time if you have no desire to listen to them


Social Media Marketing requires making friends online.  That might not be for you.  But in today's world-wide market place, marketing for free to your global target market means social media marketing. 

T he most sought after answers that the marketing departments of corporate America seek, paying out billions of dollars to discover, is "What do my potential customers want?"  You can find that out for free.

Today, as in no other time in history, all those answers can be found inside social media sites for free.

Companies and entrepreneurs who understand social media marketing right now will win and those who don't will loose.

See Perry Belcher's system below (one of his slides in his webinar I attended, "How To Finally Make Money With Social Media") It consists of only a few social media sites, the main three being Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, plus his own Wordpress blog.

Social Media Marketing basically has two steps:

  1. Find out what the latest issues are with your online target market
  2. Speak to your target audience about those issues and make an offer

Social Media Marketing: The Market Place Called Twitter

Consider this... Twitter doubles in activity every 90 days and everyone's list is open to everyone else. I have a list of over 300 now. Not huge but I'm very glad to find those people. They think like me. Many of them are my friends.

FIND Your Target Market: Are My Friends Your Target Market? Am I?

There are thousands and thousands of us who think alike and who have many of the same issues in business and in life. Who do we give our email addresses to and why?

People on my list who face the same business issues I do are very easy to find. You don't have to hunt for us. We will find you if you speak our language. Not only that, but we will refer others to you if you are a great listener.

Listen to Your Target Market: What Are They Talking About In the Market Place?

If your target audience is not on Twitter, they soon will be. I bet many of your highly qualified prospects are already there. So what are they talking about - what's hot and what's not?

Perry Belcher takes a short cut to find out what his target market's hot topics are. For instant access to the website he uses and to sign up for my short series on "The Market Place Called Twitter" - all I need is your email:

Email Marketing by iContact

Anyway, if Twitter doubles in activity every 90 days, you can find new people to add to your list of highly qualified prospects every day in The Market Place Called Twitter.


But how in the world do you get their permission to email them? Spam is the last thing you want to be accused of, right?

Here's what Perry Belcher does... with great success! You're not Perry Belcher, you say? Here's what he would say to you... "Do you have more personality than a company logo? Then this strategy WILL work!" What's the strategy? It's in Part Two - see the next post above!



Social Media Marketing Is So Powerful That Some "Friends" Seem Like Family

You CAN Increasing the Power of Your Marketing With Social Media.

That seems like such a low impact sentence but let me tell you, it is NOT a low impact idea.  When you become part of an active social media marketing group, it can have the power of "family" behind it.

As I've said so often, strong, healthy relationships are the secret of success in any business and in all of life.

Well, social media marketing is all about networking to build business relationships.

Social Media SpamSocial Media Spam

Many people on social media sites do not understand the power of relating to others first. The first thing they do is start sharing business information about their products or opportunity.

That basically bans them from the family. It's very damaging to our first impression on people if "it's all about me." With that approach, which is generally viewed as spam, the chances of making powerful friends are slim.

Meet My Social Media Family

As one "friend" and "family" member put it, "I feel like hugging my computer because so many of my friends and family are in there." :)

Barbara Silva and Mike Klingler

These two are part of my family though I've never met them.

You will recognize them if you are part of the same family. We all met at Renegade Professional learning to merge internet marketing with network marketing. Now we hang out together at several cool places.

Content Syndicating N etwork (CSN)

We hang out at MarketingMerge.com, at Digg, at BetterNetworker, and many other places. We "digg" or vote on each others articles and blog posts (if they're full of value) and we leave comments and messages to each other at places like Facebook and Hubpages and Squidoo and... well you get the idea.

We syndicate each other's work as a "content syndicating network," (CSN) a phrase coined by Charles Heflin. (see earlier posts)

Social media marketing at it's very best is what my social media family has.

Social Media Is SEO 2.0 - or SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Part of the reason this blog gets so much traffic is because of SEO 2.0 (social media optimization) - not SEO 1.0 (technical search engine optimization)  Here's what I mean...

But I can't say, "It doesn't get any better than this!" because it does!  The software I talk about in the above video is so advanced now and yet it's still quite a secret.  Heflin didn't market Synnd while we were in alpha and beta testing but very soon the social media science findings will be well known...

Social Media Marketing More Powerful Than Technical Search Engine Optimization

My social media family gets better and BIGGER every single day. Why?  Well it's a long story but the short story is that because I have social proof that my web content (articles, blog, forum comments, etc.) is helpful to my target market, then Google and other search engines trust me enough to put me on page one.

Google will give their searchers your content to read if you have an active family of friends that syndicate your work.  Content syndication doesn't just mean RSS subscribers. 

It means that your social media family diggs your articles, they comment on your blog posts, etc.  That's social proof that your content is good.  That's what the highly evolved search engines are looking for now.  They favor SEO 2.0, second generation SEO - social proof - over SEO 1.0, first generation SEO - technical optimization.   

Here's some social proof for you - get noticed by my family of friends and see increased traffic brought to by not just my friends, but brought to you by Google!

Your Social Media Marketing Assignment ASAP

And if you are reading this post and got this far, you are in luck! You have a chance to introduce yourself or say "hi" to my huge, social media marketing family by making comments on two articles.  It will only take a few minutes. 

It will not only warm your heart reading about our family of friends but making a comment will also help make you famous.  Seriously.

Do These Two Powerful Things For Yourself In Less Than 30 Minutes...

Right Now:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post(Mike Klingler's) and
  2. Leave a comment on this article (Barbara Silva 's)

Why? Two reasons:

  1. I want you to see the power of being a part of an active social media family of friends - it will not only warm your heart but we will help you succeed and
  2. I want you to be seen and heard.  Hundreds and hundreds of people will be reading and are reading these two pieces of web content as we speak (as I write, I should say) ...HUNDREDS of real people.

If you want to get involved at a higher level in social media marketing and succeed faster, do it now.

These two posts:

Mike Klingler 's and Barbara Silva's  http://TwitPWR.com/1yZ/

are only a few hours old, I think just a little over 24 hours at the time of this writing.

Allow our family and many others to meet you and/or read your comments under these two articles.  Now click on over there :) and get to know us, join in and succeed with us! Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler - Our Marketing Mentors