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Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution!

Terri-fic Traffic Tip #1

Internet Traffic Slow

Here's how it all started for me... the revolution, I mean.  I had never heard of marketing my MLM business online.  I had a company replicated website with little traffic because I just promoted it word of mouth with people I knew.  The revolution, my own personal revolt, all started one day while I was online.   

I was discouraged about my MLM business.  "I must be doing something wrong,"  I thought.  "Why is it taking so long to recruit?  I absolutely love this business.  Why can't others see how great this is?"   

Ann Sieg's Interview With Me, Terri Stallcop!

Network Marketing Fast...  At First

I think we all hit the floor running at first because we have dear friends and family that will attend our grand opening.   I actually had great success recruiting like that at first but after about 3 months, my business receptions were no longer well attended.  And why would they be?  My newer prospects were not family and friends. 

These "prospects" were great people I knew from work or church but of course they didn't make time to come over.  I told them I was launching a new business and would love for them to stop by for an hour to see what I'm doing.  I just can't believe I used to do that.  If you do not know me that well, why in the world would you want to come to my house for a business reception to see what I do??  Did I ever, as a Nursing Director,  call people I barely know, asking them to give up an hour, come to the hospital,  and see what I do? Ridiculous.   What was I thinking!   

Internet Network Marketing - The Better Way

So, after about 4 months into my new business, I was discouraged, surfing the internet, looking for a better way and I found it!  I "stumbled upon"  a free eBook that blew my mind.  At first when I began reading it, I was a little offended.  What I was teaching at the time to my downline she was describing as lies! 

It was Ann Sieg's free ebook, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.   I kept reading and realized she was right.  You will see what I mean.  Click on her free eBook below because I'm telling you, it was a GREAT find! 2060396-1482923-thumbnail.jpg

I was perpetuating the lies and didn't even know it.  Most of us start out that way.   We do what has been taught in network marketing for 50 years.  Once upon a time it worked. Times have changed.   

Internet Network Marketing Training

After reading her free ebook I bought The Renegade Network Marketer.  Excellent investment.  Worth waaay more than the $67 I spent.  A wealth of education is in the book and a ton of education is in the Renegade System, the "back office" that comes with it. 

There was only one problem.  I was in way over my head.  I learned a lot but it was not that easy.  So much of the valuable information was advanced beyond my learning curve.  Also, I left money on the table for a long time because I  did not understand the affiliate program. 

So I started looking for more information on the Renegade System and found an unbelievable education treasure...  a course for beginners!  For the newbie like me!  Check out this internet network marketing blog for beginners.  I watched Mike Klingler build this blog step by step, click by click on a video tutorial.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.   

Renegade University

Learn about affiliate programs, the Renegade System and much more only faster that I did at first.  Enroll at Renegade University, a creation of Mike Klingler's.  He uses Ann's book as the text book for Renegade U.  Once I enrolled, I went into fast-forward learning!     It is the very best way to understand quickly how to use the gold mine of Ann's Sieg's Renegade System.  

Generating Free Leads and Cash Flow

I not only went into fast-forward learning at Renegade U, I started generating leads for my MLM business AND cash flow through the affiliate program.  Here's how that works. 

People will opt in to any one of your referral links that all University students receive free.  BTW, tuition is also free.  For every person who clicks on your referral link and enrolls by filling out the form, that person is a free lead for you to contact. 

If any of those people upgrade to Professional level,  your affiliate commission is $18/month.  For everyone who buys The Renegade Network Marketer, your commission is #33.50.  Do the math for just 10 people... that's $2500.     Then do the math with 20 people, that's $5000; How about 30 people, 40 people, etc.  

You will understand affiliate programs like Renegade University and Ann Sieg's Renegade System so much better when the money starts rolling in.  :)

Internet Network Marketing Training Blog

How do you set up a marketing machine online and make money through affiliate programs while you learn??  In 90 days, I had written enough content learning from Mike Klingler that resulted in bringing me free leads and cash flow. 

Don't know where to start??  Read some of Mike Klingler's articles at his  Internet network marketing training blog.  Start with "The 90 Day Game Plan."  

As I mentioned earlier, Mike put his training blog together while his students, including me, built theirs, following along on his video tutorials.  Those step by step, click by click video tutorials are archived and are available to University students at the professional level.

Generate Leads With Blogs

I suggest that the very first project to work through at the professional level is how to generate leads with blogs.  After you finish the free training at the university level is to build a business blog.  Your blog becomes your "hub" on the Net with the rest of your content functioning as "spokes of the wheel" that lead others, targeted traffic, to the hub, your website or blog.  

Internet Marketing Training  - Professional Level Trial For $1:00

Mike gives everyone a week long professional level trial for just $1.00.  In that trial week, I put together my "Internet MLM Now" business blog - the one you are reading now.  Each step of the way, Mike teaches how to strategically write content that search engines like.  

As a University Pro, I now have advanced internet marketing training, month after month, building a mega marketing machine that eventually will build my  business on auto-pilot.  My next tutorials that I will work through are email marketing and YouTube video marketing.  Join me!  Bring tons of targeted internet traffic to your world wide web of content.  I will be glad to help you in any way that I can!  www.TerriStallcop.com    

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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now
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    Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution! - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now

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Nice BLOG. Once I enrolled, I went into fast-forward learning! It is the very best way to understand quickly how to use the gold mine of Ann's Sieg's Renegade System.

November 28, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterbath and body

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