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MLM Traffic Formula - A Review Of Mike Dillard's MLM Traffic Formula

MLM Traffic Formula

Terri-fic Traffic Tip #4 - MLM Traffic Formula Review

MLM Traffic Formula by Mike Dillard is a phenomenal piece of work.  At first it was way too advanced for me.  As a newbie to the concept of Network Marketing turning to Internet Marketing instead of old school MLM, I was lost.  Why?  Because back then, I didn't know any thing about Internet Marketing - nothing, zip.  It was still greek to me.  I was trying to understand it by reading Ann Sieg's work but she was too advanced for me back then too.  But now,  over about 3 months of study,  I am using the MLM Traffic Formula course as a reference book, much like I used to use an entire set of encyclopedias in high school.  ...yes, that's correct, baby boomers did not have the Internet in high school :)  But it really is that packed with education, encyclopedia-packed!

Mike Dillard, Tim Erway and Tom Bell - what a trio!  They each are specialists.  Mike in copywriting, meaning he is really good at "copy", a term that basically relates to writing great advertising "copy" like writing a great sales letter.  Tim is Mr. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  He loves to discover new ways to get the search engines to notice his work on the Net and put it on page one for anyone searching for internet marketing terms.  Tom Bell is called Mad Tom because he is outrageous and fun in his marketing, plus he makes an outrageous amount of money online in direct sales.  These three give their BEST secrets in MLM Traffic Formula - as they should because it is not cheap. 

But it is exactly what it is advertised to be and well worth the money it now costs.  Even back when I bought it, it was worth that enormous price way back then because NO ONE gave that much of their valuable  internet marketing secrets.  It just wasn't done except for Mike.  He is driven to over-deliver, provide value and exceed expectations!   

The MLM Traffic Formula Course is now much more affordable because of competition.  But Dillard was first.  There is a lot to be said about the value of any product that is an innovation "first to market."  No one else at the time was giving internet marketers a step by step definitive guide to generating endless leads AND cash flow for MLM types...  for life!! That is what marketing online does - it creates a web of content that generates results, money, for life.  It's called residual or passive income.    

MLM Traffic Formula was the first to market advanced internet traffic formulas specifically designed for multi-level marketers.  The MLM remnant,  I call it, the few that bought MLM Traffic Formula and implemented the strategies, actually became the remnant - the survivors of MLM after the Internet practically killed off those who simply would not market their MLM biz online.

Even though your successful upline may not talk about it, I am quite certain that if they are still doing well, they are marketing online.  Period, end of story.  They are doing all kinds of things online like monetizing training tools, branding their name, using tons of internet content, content that generates Internet TRAFFIC!   And believe me, that content includes a website that is NOT the company's replicated website.  One of the best kept secrets that Mike Dillard SHARES is that we must promote ourselves, not our company.  He calls it "YOU, Inc."

So let's review and see if you need to buy... - which I definitely recommend, now that MLM Traffic Formula is less expensive.

  • The MLM Traffic Formula Course helped me STOP old school MLM chasing after people, and START a career of professional marketing.  I agree with Mike - the MLM Traffic Formula "is the only definitive guide to building a complete, work-at-home empire in the Internet age."
  • (This is point is extremely important) Mike says "I need you to understand that MLM Traffic Formula is much more than a guide to online lead generation, because in reality, it's a blue print for building a true, $1,000,000 empire."

Here's my Terri-fic Tip #3

Ever wonder how in the world some people can build a massive downline quickly on the Internet?  Well Tom Bell has DONE IT - several times!  It only took him 8 days to build a downline of 1,117 reps last time he got involved with an MLM opportunity!  HOW DOES HE DO IT???  Basically what Tom can do is the same thing huge lead companies do to generate traffic to say, for example, you - your ads or your capture page or your MLM website.  He can generate not 100s of leads per day but 1000s!  How?  He has a HUGE list - 100,00s of people who have opted-in over the years to offers he's made online.  He maintains his list!!  In other words, he maintains his relationship with all those people mainly through email.  So much so that MANY of them trust him enought that is he says, in an email, take a look at this and join - they do!  1117 of them, to be exact, the last time he did that.  

Something to remember - if he sent them to a crummy capture page or an MLM company replicated website, I'm sure his opt-in and conversion rates would not have been as good.  His list, his subscribers, would not expect that of him.  He is a due diligence kind of guy that they trust or he wouldn't get such outrageous results.  The MLM website he probably sent them to was more of a  "You, Inc." kind of website selling the MLM team leader, not the company. (Like maybe it was Mike Dillard's MLM "You Inc." site??) 

 So the Terri-fic Tip is, build and maintain a huge list of contacts that never stops growing, get to know them, build relationships with good free content, and then occasionally market to them something of value, and they will buy in.  Plus, they might also joint venture with you.  Perhaps, and I'm just guessing, perhaps Mike Dillard called Tom Bell because they were on each others list and knew each other as trustworthy so Mike calls him as says something like  "listen, I've finally found an MLM that meets our criteria.  If you join with me and we combine our lists, recruit 3000 in a week, I'll give you X% of my commissions for that month."   It could happen...

 --> click  MLM Traffic Formula...  to see the joint venture sales letter they put together for this course.  The price is right now.  I hope you buy it and I can't wait to read your success stories!!     



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    MLM Traffic Formula - A Review Of Mike Dillard's MLM Traffic Formula - Terri-fic Traffic Tips - Internet MLM Now

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