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Personal Branding And Positioning Secrets

Personal branding and positioning is THE secret to internet MLM.  Most MLM companies won't allow you to use their company name, logos, products, etc. (their brand) without permission.  That's just good business on their part. 

So how do you get into the full swing of building a successful internet MLM business of your own without bragging online about your products or opportunity? Well, let me say this about that... that is the very worst thing that you can do online to recruit people.  Even if your MLM allows it, don't do it. 

Recruiting has nothing to do with the company's brand but it has everything to do with your brand, your personal brand. 

Leadership Branding

 Leadership branding is a term I learned from Mark Hoverson.  We have to position ourselves as a leader first of all and second, as a unique leader.  Here's what I mean.  Add personal information about you and your life online while you teach what you've learned about building a business online. 

I just got back from a "girlfriend golfing get-away" and here's what I came back with - a determination to get into the "full swing" of time freedom, luxury lifestyle, and... ...living with purpose! ...not with worry ...not with fatigue ...

And here's how...

It's what I teach all the time but I haven't been adding enough of the joy I experience, owning my own business.

Own your own business, your own time, and your own life by adding more YOU into your online work. 

Building YOUR Business: Get Into The Full Swing Of The Online Entrepreneur Lifestyle

It's really the online entrepreneur lifestyle that you really desire to share with other people, right?  While I was walking on beautiful golf courses, fully rested and having a great time, it occurred to me after several great shots, that the foundation of a great golf swing is all about being commited to a FULL swing.

If you're worried about the shot or too fatigued, you swing with a delay - you're hesitant. Your swing is half-hearted and unsure. Consequently the game is frustrating and discouraging. There's no fun, no vitality, no success, no reason to celebrate - it's the pitts. On the other hand, if you spend time building a golf swing on fundamental principles of balance, form and good coaching, you have a chance at rock solid enjoyment each and every time you engage in the game. Every great shot gives you more energy. Other golfers admire your swing, they ask you where you learned to play golf, etc. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Golfing At The Desert Spring Resort in California

Every morning before Tee Time, us girls had coffee and tea on the balcony of our condo over looking the 7th hole.   And yes... those are my toes and my coffee :) We became addicted to something we all call "time freedom." You know what I mean.  And here's the point of what I'm getting at... I came home with a new resolve... I'm going to help others discover the same thing.  How to get into the full swing of life by owning your own everything. 

  • own your own business,
  • own your own time,
  • own your own luxury,
  • and own your own life.

So personal branding and positioning is really step one and it is a FUN-damental skill.  It takes practice to get into the full swing of it.  Just like playing golf, practicing the FUN-damental skills can be really FUN!  Relax and enjoy the process of becoming really good at what you do.  With that comes confidence.  And with confidence, you can't help but start positioning yourself as someone who is willing to share the incremental secrets of success.

It becomes very natural to share with other people hoping to help them in such a way that they don't have to fail as often as you did to discover those secrets. 

That's how many people become entrepreneurs and create wealth.  Its very rewarding for leaders when they help others succeed faster than they did. They are rewarded financially and emotionally.  That's how the cycle continues and wealth is created.  Let me just close this idea with Robert Kyosaki's story, for example...


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