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Internet MLM And Postcards?

How can postcards help you build an internet MLM? Postcard marketing campaigns can be very effective.  First consider this fact - to receive internet email marketing we have to give our permission.  Most often we even have to "double optin" to receive information.  Not so with direct mail marketing plus it's more cost effective than you might think.

Here's a recent quote from Entrepreneur Magazine:

"Dubbed junk mail by some, direct mail is actually one of the most effective, precise and economical ways to get your message to key audiences."  Many businesses use direct mail marketing because their response rate proves that it's worth it.  Done right, it's very targeted, measurable and cost effective. 

Here's what successful MLM recruiter, David Wood says about sending out cards:  "...I recruited 40 people in one week by sending 800 cards to everyone who had ever bought anything from me, by sending them a picture of myself without a shirt on at the beach, with a link to a company presentation, right after I had moved to Costa Rica over a year ago...  I didn't recruit them into sendoutcards, I recruited them into my company...  Send Out Cards is the cheapest warm-postcard system that exists, and I've used it to build Numis, MLSP, and when I was in ILG over a year ago."

Internet MLM - Your Target Market

Many marketing channels are not targeted such as TV commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads.  Yet they do work to bring in business.  But with the internet and direct mail, we have the ability to specifically market to people who have already expressed interest in the network marketing industry. 

Instead of trying to first sell the multi-level marketing business model, why not communicate with people who are already sold on MLM with a very attractive and memorable marketing tool that they receive in the mail?

Memorable Marketing

Postcards are much more likely to be noticed than most "junk" mail.  They are already open and eye-catching, especially if glossy and in full color.  The marketing message is immediately noted, memorable, and continues to be cost effective for big business and small business owners alike.

Direct Mail Response Rates

So how many postcards would you need to send to get a decent response rate?  The typical response rate is 2%.  Big business and small business owners are very happy with that because it's cost effective and builds business.  If your goal is to have 10 new leads every month, then you would need to send out 500 postcards to your target market every month.

But let's say you are adding incentive to your postcard - a discount or a chance to win a prize.  Now the response rate typically goes up. 

Easy Testing To Improve Results

It's easy to split-test direct mail response and practice continuous quality improvement.  Send one type of postcard to half your prospects, send a different postcard to the other half.  Toss the loser and add another postcard campaign with the winner and a new postcard.  Continue the process and get ongoing better and better results. 

It could be as simple as just changing the picture on the front and leaving the message the same.  You probably won't have a tie but a winner and a loser.  Keep testing and increasing your response rate.  It's that simple, not time consuming and could be very profitable advertising. 

Postcard Marketing: Part Two

Please leave me a comment about what would be the most helpful for you in Part Two:  Ten Terri-fic Tips For A Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign. 



Facebook Viral Power

Your Facebook Fan Page (Business Page)

Part Three - Creating Your Facebook "FBML" Page

Your Facebook business page actually has many pages.  It's just like an entire website only it's inside Facebook where millions of your potential customers hang out.  One of those pages or applications is the "FBML" application.  You can have more than one FBML page and give each one of them a page name that shows up as one of your tabs.  


FBML is Facebook's version of HTML code.  It's an application that is easier to do than you might think.  You don't have to know a lot about HTML and you don't have to buy someone else's Facebook application software to do it.  

Facebook FBML Shortcut

Watch this 3 MINUTE VIDEO tutorial to see how you can use any free wordpress blog to design your Facebook FBML page.


Lead Capture Page

Your Facebook FBML page can also become a very powerful "lead capture page" (LCP).  Let's look at why having a LCP on Facebook is so powerful.  Here are a few more astounding facts about Facebook.

As you know by now, especially if you've read Part 1 and 2 of this series, you understand that Facebook is shifting the strategies of internet marketing from

  • marketing TO people versus
  • marketing BETWEEN people. 

Marketing opportunities inside Facebook have never been possible before now.  Just like Google did a few short years ago, Facebook is changing everything in the marketing world.   

What I call the FUN-damentals of marketing success have become even more fun with Facebook:

  • get the word out (TRAFFIC)
  • increase # prospects (LEADS)
  • increase # customers (SALES)

AND increase $$$ spent per customer!!  According to MarketingProfs, "...consumers who are Facebook fans are mor valuable..." meaning they spend more than a certain brand's non-Facebook fans.  You can click below to read the full article. 

What Is Facebook Viral Power?

Well, it's absolutely astonishing.  Over the last 6 months, an enormous shift has taken place... Facebook is now referring more internet traffic to websites than Google!  Why?  Because Facebook has viral power.

Viral power is basically referral power.  It's the difference between hoping your prospects and customers will search Google and find you versus finding you based on "referrals."

Facebook Referral Power

Your Facebook business page makes it possible for friends to automatically refer their friends to you, lots of friends, and their friends' friends, etc.   

Picture this... an enormous number of people who are interested in what you have to offer are very definitely on Facebook. (BTW, they are spending an average of 55 minutes/day!)  If they find your business page and "LIKE" it, Facebook will notify ALL of their Facebook friends. 

That's free advertising.  Plus, it's marketing in such a way that your brand can go global and viral very fast!


Your Facebook Business Page: PART TWO

How To Create Your Facebook Business Page

When marketers and trainers first became interested in promoting products on Facebook, they used their personal profile page because that's all Facebook had to offer. Things have recently changed.

We are talking RECENT, BIG TIME changes!

In other words, right now is your window of opportunity to be among the very few who are using Facebook business pages to grow their businesses.

Where To Begin??

Go to your FB profile and scroll to the very bottom of the page.  Click "advertising." Next, you will see in the navigation bar on your left a set of choices listed that include the "pages" choice. 

Click on "pages." That will take you to 2 choices - community or official.


Once you decide on the type of page that best suits your business, you will be able to edit your "wall" settings and other applications needed for your business page.

In my next post, I'll add a step by step video tutorial on how I chose to set up my first page and I'll show you the super benefits of an application called the FBML page.  So watch for How To Create A Facebook Page Using FBML

Your "FBML" pages will allow you to add sign up forms.  These pages even allow you to link to your shopping cart, basically putting your entire sales funnel on FB.  Here's my example...

My Shopping Cart

Click on the image above.  Scroll down to this line "The "OPTIONS" Button At www.CardsR.us" and it will take you to my SendOutCards shopping cart! Amazing...  (Shown Below)

SOC Shopping CartFacebook Marketing

Learning to use the FBML page will get you way out in front of most people who are trying to do Facebook marketing.  There is no limit to what you can do with FBML pages to promote your unique business as long as you stay within FB's guidelines. 

Setting up a marketing sales funnel on Facebook positions your business in such a way that you not only market TO people but also, even more powerful, you will be able to market BETWEEN people.

I'll show you exactly how I do it in my next post with a video tutorial, step-by-step, click-by-click.  Watch for "Creating A Facebook FBML Page." 

See you then,

PS  Be sure to click "post a comment" below and let me know what questions/comments you have so that I can address them in the next post.  Thank you!



Traffic Generation To Your Blog Using Facebook

"If a blog is never read by anyone, does it really exist?" I love that quote because truly, internet traffic is goal #1 when you are trying to recruit online or make a sale.  Targeted traffic is essential.  Whether it is building an internet MLM, selling someone else's product or your own, marketing online means the more targeted traffic you have, the more money you make.   

And currently, Facebook is now my #1 Terri-fic Traffic Tip!  Let me repeat, my #1 Terri-fic Traffic Tip (right now!!) is to immediately create a business page on Facebook!

Whether you believe it or not, the most powerful marketing website in the history of the internet is Facebook.  Even Google recently published that in their estimation, Facebook is their one and only competition.  Why?  Because of Facebook's data base. (More about that later.)

Here's the thing, if you know what to do on Facebook to reach targeted prospects for your MLM or for your business of any kind, you can totally crush it in traffic, leads and sales with Facebook - if you know how. 

And the amazing thing is, most marketing professionals do not understand or believe what I'm saying, giving you and me a very nice advantage. 

Create A Business Page (FAN Page) On Facebook

I intend to show you step-by-step, click-by-click, how to create a business page on Facebook that not only will give you targeted traffic to your blog but also provide a way to go global with your unique products and services.  

Let me explain... Facebook gives you the priviledge of targeted internet traffic for free but also it gives you an unlimited number of business pages.  In other words, you can market your various MLMs, plus your affiliate products, plus your own products and services all for free.  I have recently created my first business page on Facebook.  It will be one of many.

I plan to create many more but my first is all about an MLM called "Send Out Cards."  Here's what it looks like so far...  www.Facebook.com/CardsR.us

So your beginning strategy coulc be to set up a fan page related to an MLM.  When you click on my fan page above, you can see that it's practically a website right there on Facebook complete with:

  • the "Wall" which is your own little FB community page
  • the "Info" page, which is where you can blatantly post a mini-commercial about your business
  • the "Photos" page, a chance to create photo albums about you, your products and services
  • "FBML pages" where you can set up a lead capture page (I have several on this page... some are actually hidden like the one behind the big red crayon:) 
  • the "Video" page where you can teach, coach, sharing tons of valuable content (as you probably know, this is a HUGE benefit that FB gives us because video is THE most powerful media source we have)
  • and much more!

In my next blog post, Facebook Business Pages, Part Two, I'll explain more about how to do it.  How to actually get started setting up a Facebook Business Page so stay tuned for Part Two!



Personal Branding And Positioning Secrets

Personal branding and positioning is THE secret to internet MLM.  Most MLM companies won't allow you to use their company name, logos, products, etc. (their brand) without permission.  That's just good business on their part. 

So how do you get into the full swing of building a successful internet MLM business of your own without bragging online about your products or opportunity? Well, let me say this about that... that is the very worst thing that you can do online to recruit people.  Even if your MLM allows it, don't do it. 

Recruiting has nothing to do with the company's brand but it has everything to do with your brand, your personal brand. 

Leadership Branding

 Leadership branding is a term I learned from Mark Hoverson.  We have to position ourselves as a leader first of all and second, as a unique leader.  Here's what I mean.  Add personal information about you and your life online while you teach what you've learned about building a business online. 

I just got back from a "girlfriend golfing get-away" and here's what I came back with - a determination to get into the "full swing" of time freedom, luxury lifestyle, and... ...living with purpose! ...not with worry ...not with fatigue ...

And here's how...

It's what I teach all the time but I haven't been adding enough of the joy I experience, owning my own business.

Own your own business, your own time, and your own life by adding more YOU into your online work. 

Building YOUR Business: Get Into The Full Swing Of The Online Entrepreneur Lifestyle

It's really the online entrepreneur lifestyle that you really desire to share with other people, right?  While I was walking on beautiful golf courses, fully rested and having a great time, it occurred to me after several great shots, that the foundation of a great golf swing is all about being commited to a FULL swing.

If you're worried about the shot or too fatigued, you swing with a delay - you're hesitant. Your swing is half-hearted and unsure. Consequently the game is frustrating and discouraging. There's no fun, no vitality, no success, no reason to celebrate - it's the pitts. On the other hand, if you spend time building a golf swing on fundamental principles of balance, form and good coaching, you have a chance at rock solid enjoyment each and every time you engage in the game. Every great shot gives you more energy. Other golfers admire your swing, they ask you where you learned to play golf, etc. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Golfing At The Desert Spring Resort in California

Every morning before Tee Time, us girls had coffee and tea on the balcony of our condo over looking the 7th hole.   And yes... those are my toes and my coffee :) We became addicted to something we all call "time freedom." You know what I mean.  And here's the point of what I'm getting at... I came home with a new resolve... I'm going to help others discover the same thing.  How to get into the full swing of life by owning your own everything. 

  • own your own business,
  • own your own time,
  • own your own luxury,
  • and own your own life.

So personal branding and positioning is really step one and it is a FUN-damental skill.  It takes practice to get into the full swing of it.  Just like playing golf, practicing the FUN-damental skills can be really FUN!  Relax and enjoy the process of becoming really good at what you do.  With that comes confidence.  And with confidence, you can't help but start positioning yourself as someone who is willing to share the incremental secrets of success.

It becomes very natural to share with other people hoping to help them in such a way that they don't have to fail as often as you did to discover those secrets. 

That's how many people become entrepreneurs and create wealth.  Its very rewarding for leaders when they help others succeed faster than they did. They are rewarded financially and emotionally.  That's how the cycle continues and wealth is created.  Let me just close this idea with Robert Kyosaki's story, for example...