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Will the New FTC Rule Effect Your Marketing? Full Length Webinar Replay




Whether your business is online or off, you are probably concerned about the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling on marketing and advertising effective December 1, 2009.  This full length webinar replay is packed full of marketing techniques that will help you focus on the spirit of the law.  Don't shrink back - grow your business! 

The FTC sees their job as comsumer protector, right?  So these customer friendly marketing tips are what I would guess the FTC would also consider friendly.  

Many internet marketers are so afraid of doing the wrong thing that they are not doing the right thing!

- - and that is what exactly??  After watching this webinar, I believe the right thing is as it has always been - we should be taking care of business by taking good care of our customers. 

So what should you know about the new FTC Rules?  That is such a good question and not a question to leave unanswered.  Here are some resources for you.  If you click on the image below, it will take you to more information about these resource websites. 

Here's another one -

The FTC Update – In Plain English

But for now, let's be different... 

Instead of freaking out, in a systematic way, start reading through your web of content - your sales pages, your landing pages, your blog posts, articles, and advertisements.  Are you taking good care of your customers?  Is there any hint of over-promising what you can not deliver?  Is there any hint of what could be construed as false claims?

That's one thing to do over the next 6 months - comb through all your stuff to make sure it is truly customer friendly and not deceiving.  But don't stop marketing.  People need what you have to offer.

It's all about focus.  It isn't all about the tons of changes that you might have to make (you will have to make some changes!) but it's more about "alternative solutions" that will improve your marketing, techniques that build deserved trust.  

Customer Friendly Techniques That Build Trust

So do not loose your focus.  So many marketers see the new FTC rules as a problem, focusing on how to "get around" this huge change.  Instead, think about these customer friendly techniques from Ann Sieg and David Garfinkel, two highly respected people in the marketing industry.  Here's what Ann Sieg had to say after the webinar:   

"...we also gave some unique easy to use strategies to strengthen your marketing without worrying about the FTC so much."

Enjoy the webinar!  Just click below...

  • Values - give stories about how your affiliate program lines up with your values and your identity.  For example, some people call me for information about my affiliate programs, or about my internet marketing business, etc. and the thing that some say is
 "I know from what I see online that you confess to be a Christian.  Me too!"
In other words, they identify with me and want to talk business with me. 
Why?  Because some of my online articles are places where I purpose to provide a snapshot into what my "value proposition" actually is.  I am deliberately sharing my values.  I might summarize the benefits of something I want people to buy and/or join, as it relates to my values or my identity.  Stuff I care about...
Ann Sieg's example of picking a vacation spot in Eurika Springs is such a good example.
Another great example if my husband's love of world class cars. 
Market with understanding, with compassion, with empathy.  When you remember or can imagine how it feels to not know how to do something, focus on that without judgement, convey that your prospect is safe from judgement with you.  There's no way to construe that type of understanding in marketing as anything that is fraud or misleading.  It is powerful marketing and customer friendly marketing.   
Charles Heflin has a 3 E's test for web content.  Make sure your online content is at least worthy to be called one or more of these 3 E's:
  • educational
  • enlightening
  • entertaining
Your Special Report Is Ready!
Ann Sieg quoted David Garfinkel, "Ann, in this way, we can help more people."  The late Jim Rhon said "Service to many leads to greatness."
If you FOCUS on how to genuinely serve more and more people, and NOT back up because of these new rules, then your customers will benefit.  There are many people who need what you have to offer.  Move forward, taking more and more action toward helping people who need the products and services that you can provide for them. Go ahead and write your next sales letter, create your next lead capture page.  Just remember the tips that David Garfinkel, a world class copywriter uses...
What Was David Garfinkel's Crash Course On Copywriting Like?
I took David's Garfinkel's crash course.  I have the 99 templates, the special report, the 6 one hour long sessions, from a wonderful caring man that has had 20 years of successful copywriting in his career and he's really just getting started because he's still young, still coming up with sales letters that he is paid a huge amount of money for because the buyer knows how much money Garfinkel's words can make for the business. 

At the very least, get this report...

Report on the Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course
More Resources: Renegade Professional Blog

FTC Rules and Customer Friendly Marketing  

The FTC has new rules and many new internet marketing entrpreneurs are closing up shop!  Before running scared, wait.  It's not as scary as you might think. It is just as important to learn more about what you CAN do as learning about what you can't. 

The FTC is charged with watching out for us as consumers.  In other words if you are customer friendly and not committing fraud, your heart is in the right place.  Now be sure your marketing reflects that in all kinds of customer friendly ways...  ways that maybe you haven't thought of until you watch this video.  Don't miss this chance to learn a whole lot more... from marketing expert, Ann Sieg and master copywriter David Garfinkel...


10 Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Target Audience With Facebook Advertising

I'm on a PDSA Cycle: Plan, Do, Study, Action, and Back to Plan. Click the image to see an article about my Facebook PPC advertising results. I'm tweaking my ad using this PDSA cycle method to get better performance - MORE LEADS AND SALES!quest to learn how to succeed with...

Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising 

At my affiliate blog that I put together to promote Social Media Science, I talk about my results with Facebook so far.  Would you believe that in 5 days I went from no traffic to over 19,ooo hits to my Facebook PPC ad! 

Unbelievable internet traffic potential for your ads at Facebook.  Now to actually generate leads and sales with your ad that gets tons of traffic, that requires study, testing, action and more study, testing and action.  It's what researchers call the PDSA cycle.  I am still learning exactly what to do and I found this article so I wanted to share it here as possibly the best Terri-fic Traffic Tips I've ever given you!! 

Facebook has a data base that is second to none.  In fact, you would be surprised about what Facebook knows about you if you have a profile there.  The combination of bits and pieces of what we talk to our friends about at Facebook goes right into the data base.  Facebook is a social media site that has waaaay more people on it every day than Twitter and what they know about you will blow your mind. 

But as an internet marketing entrepreneur, it can be a gold mine for you! 

Okay, here's the article I found plus be sure to click the PDSA cycle to the left to learn more about my quest to succeed with Facebook advertising.


Content Syndication SEO

Content Syndication SEO is what some call SMO - social media optimization.  The theory is that search engines are now quite impressed with social proof, meaning:

  • Real people are bookmarking your content
  • Real people are making comments on your articles
  • Real people are syndicating your online work

When search engines see the above, it's no longer a theory.  It's the real deal.  Google will favor SMO and put the article with social SEO ahead of those with just good technical SEO. 

SEO 1.0 vs. SEO 2.0

Social Media SEO has been called the second generation of search engine optimization, or SEO 2.0 and it is super powerful - as it should be.  Afterall, the search engines simply want to give us what we are looking for when we search online.  What better proof is there than real people syndicating what they like for certain keyword phrases. 

This content syndication strategy can even be purchased as a service, a "content syndication service" (CSS) providing a chance for your content to go viral.  All you have to do is write great content.  The service brings in the traffic, get comments posted to your blog posts and articles and videos, gets all of it bookmarked voila!  In no time at all your videos, articles, etc. get placed on page one of Google in no time!  If your stuff is good, it's given the launch you need to dominate.  

So what if you were able to be part of a community of people, real people, 100s of them, who all agreed to syndicate each others work non-stop, 24/7 bookmarking, twittering, facebooking, Digging, commenting, on your stuff all day long.  Sounds impossible and would be if it had to be all manually done.

But it doesn't.

Have you ever heard of SynndSEO?  That's the name I picked out to show you on a new blog what can actually happen when 100s of people join a private community and use a new technology called SYNND, created be Charles Heflin and his research team. 

I captured a 5 minute look at what happens, hands free, with the technology called synnd.  And it happens all day long.  Just watch a little of it.  Move the slider forward and watch a little more.  Unbelievable.  And it happens quietly in the background.  I just took it out of hiding so I could show you.


Network Marketing Online SEO 1.0 Part One



Here's a video version of one of my Terri-fic Traffic Tips on how to get traffic to your blog. Of course, step one is blogging for business as a HUGE piece of the BIG picture.  If you are serious about building a business online, blogging is the very hub of your marketing efforts. You start a blog and talk to your audience about what you know, what you're learning, what you like doing... but the way people get to know you on their way to your blog is more social than it is technical.

In other words, SEO 1.0 is technical and very important to generating traffic to your websites but it's really no longer my number one Terri-fic Traffic Tip.

SEO 2.0 is my number one best Terri-fic Traffic Tip but that will be covered in Part Two.

Here's part one (SEO 1.0) the technical search engine optimization piece of the bigger picture...