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Network Marketing Online SEO 1.0 Part One



Here's a video version of one of my Terri-fic Traffic Tips on how to get traffic to your blog. Of course, step one is blogging for business as a HUGE piece of the BIG picture.  If you are serious about building a business online, blogging is the very hub of your marketing efforts. You start a blog and talk to your audience about what you know, what you're learning, what you like doing... but the way people get to know you on their way to your blog is more social than it is technical.

In other words, SEO 1.0 is technical and very important to generating traffic to your websites but it's really no longer my number one Terri-fic Traffic Tip.

SEO 2.0 is my number one best Terri-fic Traffic Tip but that will be covered in Part Two.

Here's part one (SEO 1.0) the technical search engine optimization piece of the bigger picture...


How To Get Noticed By Google


Not many Internet MLM networkers understand how to get their online presence noticed by Google and even fewer realize that getting traffic from Google can be free.  Studies show that the eye will view and the mouse will click more often on Google's left top corner on the first few websites listed.  Most people are less likely to click on the sponsored Pay Per Click ads on the right side when they search for information.  Chances are they will at least click on the #1 website listed in the top spot.  

Once upon a time the way to get Google to notice you was to know all about technical search engine optimization (SEO) That's still important but the very best way to grow your business online is to wave Hi! to Google with social media optimization. 

Google Can See You

Hi Google! Here I Am!

Internet MLM

So how can you get your website or blog in that top position on page one of Google and other search engines for free?  When I look at my traffic statistics, I can tell that a lot of visits are not coming from Google searches. Most of them are coming from direct hits or from social media sites. The direct hits are probably from my list.  The social media sites that I frequent all have the link to this blog, Internet MLM Now, on my profile.  

About once per week, I will write a post that seems good enough to me to send out via email to my list. People who have either opted in to one of my affiliate programs or have bought ebooks from me. It's not a huge percentage of my list that actually clicks on over here, but about 20% do. (THANKS, You Guys!!)

So email marketing and socializing in forums will send traffic to your website.

And all those people will wave at Google for you, getting Google's attention.  And not just Google but by other search engines will take notice as well.

Social Media Optimization

So how does visiting on forums get Google's attention? I'm not really sure but I do know that I've seen my words and my name jump out at me sometimes when I'm searching Google for certain keywords.  There I am, my forum comments showing up, right there on page one.  A word to the wise, ALWAYS stay professional at all times in forums, on other blogs and articles when you comment, etc.

If you are active in community sites, in forums, and commenting on other people's web content, some people will visit your profile and then click on your website(s) listed there. Several backlinks to your website or blog from high ranking sites like Facebook or BetterNetworker can really get Google's attention, especially lately.

It takes maybe an hour to post something you've written or a video you've made in a few strategic places.  Use voting sites like Digg and bookmarketing sites like deliciousPost the link to your content on Twitter and share it in your status box inside a community site like Ning.  Doing all that is called social media marketing and it is really powerful right now.  You can also outsource your social marketing.  Many companies are doing hiring people into full time jobs just to make their presence known on the more powerful social media sites. 

Either way, social media marketing is a must if you want to get the word out about your internet MLM business. 

Then sit back, get ready to say Hi to Google and watch your internet MLM traffic arrive!


Charles Heflin of SEO 20/20 Can Make You Famous


Charles Heflin

 Charles Heflin Can Make You Famous Helping You GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Charles Heflin has a new PROVEN theory about internet traffic and how to get it. I joined his private membership several months ago and have been hanging on his every word since then.

Imagine my delight when I saw that he has been visiting this blog! Thank you, Charles!

Get Tons More Traffic With Charles Heflin's Help

I have been involved with technical SEO learning from Heflin for quite some time but now things have changed dramatically. Now social media SEO is more powerful. How do we know that to be true? From Social Media Marketing Research...

The truth is, search engine robots are now looking for social proof that you provide valuable information for their searchers. If you can't show evidence of that on your website, technical SEO won't be enough any more to get you on page one of Google. The other search engines are also getting wise.

Don't stop learning technical SEO but learn to add social media optimization as well. Or, you could use a social media marketing software designed by Heflin and his research team.

Heflin's Syndication Revelation!

Social media marketing takes time, a lot of it. It can distract us from building our business if poorly understood. Social media marketing software can also be ineffective if the creater misunderstands what maketing research has revealed.

The "Syndication Revelation" discovered by Heflin and his research team is why their software is exactly what we need to launch our work. It's an instigator that in minutes will give content a chance to go viral.

The software is called Synnd. It syndicates the value you provide in your posts, articles, etc. giving you "enough exposure in social channels" to launch a viral marketing campaign for you. But there is a catch. If you are not providing great content, Synnd can't help you.

But as Heflin says, your content will "continue growing and snowballing under its own power... if you are writing educational, enlightening or entertaining content for your target audience..."

Stay tuned! I'm testing the waters for you. My Synnd results will be posted here! You can also call me if you want more information  or if you are already using Synnd and need help. 

To your success!

 Terri Stallcop



Add A Digg Icon To Increase Traffic To Your Web Content

Okay - I Did It! I Just Learned How To Add A Digg Icon!! Get Ready For A Really Terri-fic Traffic Tip!

This is so exciting! The latest on generating internet traffic that I've been reading is that we do not have to be so technical. We can just be natural in all that we write and Google will like us!

But here's the key - Google will like us and what we write IF OTHERS bookmark our work. So we must make it easy, Peasy! That's why I'm so excited. I just added my very own Digg icon for you to click on in order for me to get Google's attention. Just Digg it for me and Google will notice.

So here's how you put this icon on all your content:

  1. login at www.Digg.com
  2. go to the bottom of the page and click"All Digg Tools" = 3rd column
  3. under "For Web Owners and Developers" (I know, isn't it cool to realize you qualify to look under that heading! Stay withme...)
  4. click "Integrate Digging In Your Site"
  5. go to number 2 "Simple Digg This with Digg Count"
  6. copy the code and paste it somewhere to copy again in just a minute it looks like the following, in fact you can just copy it from here... <script type="text/javascript">
    digg_url = 'WEBSITE_URL';
    <script src="http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  7. now go to your blog and pick one of your favorite posts (don't login yet)
  8. click on the title of that post that you like
  9. now look in the address bar - see how that post has it's own address? copy that address and paste it where 'WEBSITE_URL'and remember to add the ' ' around it. so it looks like mine only with your address... <script type="text/javascript">
    digg_url = 'http://internetmlm.squarespace.com/social-media-marketing/2008/11/23/squidoo-and-rss.html';
    <script src="http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
  10. okay, now you are ready to put the code into your post at the beginning of it so login to edit your post
  11. switch out of wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) mode and go to raw html mode
  12. paste the code before your first sentence
  13. save and close and voila! a Digg button.

Now comment below with your favorite post address and I'll come over to your site to Digg It. Twitter your post address and tell them how excited you are that you just added a Digg icon and invite them to Digg It. After a few Diggs like that from your very own website, Google will notice and give you a high ranking. No SEO tricks. Just natural internet traffic. It works!

More Advanced Digg Icon

Use the code below for even more Google power.  Why?  Because submitting your own stuff to Digg isn't as effective in Google's eyes.  The code above won't submit but the one below will!  If your article is media - news, topic - buisness, then simply replace your http website url where the code says WEBSITE_URL and where is says TITLE, replace that by typing in your title, and where it says BODY, replace that with the excert from your article.  And voila!  Anyone that clicks first will submit for you.  Too cool?

<script type="text/javascript">
digg_url = 'WEBSITE_URL';
digg_title = 'TITLE';
digg_bodytext = 'BODY';
digg_media = 'news';
digg_topic = 'business';
<script src="http://digg.com/tools/diggthis.js" type="text/javascript"></script>



Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect is sort of a friendly takeover of all social media.  At least that's what it seems like when you read about it.  It's like the Star Trek phenomenon - Social Media, The Next Generation!  I would be honored if you would join this site and join in the experiment.  Add this widget to your site.  My next post will show you how.  Welcome to the Google Friend Connect community.  (You need a Google account)