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Marketing Merge Professionals Extend Hope During Hard Times

What is a Marketing Merge Professional?

Marketing Merge Professionals are generally network marketing professionals who have "merged" internet marketing with network marketing.

So, how does anyone know where to start to merge network marketing with internet marketing?

By marketing online? Eye can help!

Marketing Merge! In The Blink Of An Eye!

I can help you step by step, giving you Terri-fic Traffic Tips along the way.In the blink of an eye, I can help you if you don't mind working online at home.

So how can eye do that ? :) Well, it's easy, Peasy!

Step by step, click by click... with easy duplication. As you probably know, the whole network marketing industry is BIG business because of duplication.

The Formula For Success In Network Marketing

The formula for success in network marketing is to "get a large group of people to do a few simple actions over a consistent period of time."

That's duplication. Not everyone can be a superstar on stage leading the masses. But everyone can get a large group of people to do a few simple actions over a consistent period of time. You can. I can. We all can!

And that is the secret to building an MLM empire. That has always been the secret to MLM success. My system will show you how.

During Good Times Or Bad Times We Still Need An Anchor For The Soul

Some people understandably think that if they just had enough money, they could handle anything - good times or bad. Money isn't the anchor. Helping others find hope- that's what anchors your soul.

Money is a measurement of the value you give. Give more and more value to people's lives and you make more and more money. The Marketer's Manifesto

As you help a lot of people to mimic your simple actions you will build a huge organization and so will they, giving hope to many.

Where To Begin? Begin With

  • Attraction and
  • Duplication

Step One Sign up to receive The Attraction Marketer's Manifesto.

Step Two Call me! 918.830.6900

Get ready for marketing in the fast lane, with tons of internet traffic looking for you! Stay with me and in no time, you will be behind! That's right...you will be behind because you won't be able to keep up with everyone who wants you to call them!

Terri Stallcop (918) 830-6900Marketing Merge: Just Mimic Me

Believe me, I am not an expert at network marketing or at internet marketing but I can mimic simple actions and get others to do the same and so can you.  AVOID these deadly mistakes online - and let's get started! 


MLM Traffic Formula - A Review Of Mike Dillard's MLM Traffic Formula

MLM Traffic Formula

Terri-fic Traffic Tip #4 - MLM Traffic Formula Review

MLM Traffic Formula by Mike Dillard is a phenomenal piece of work.  At first it was way too advanced for me.  As a newbie to the concept of Network Marketing turning to Internet Marketing instead of old school MLM, I was lost.  Why?  Because back then, I didn't know any thing about Internet Marketing - nothing, zip.  It was still greek to me.  I was trying to understand it by reading Ann Sieg's work but she was too advanced for me back then too.  But now,  over about 3 months of study,  I am using the MLM Traffic Formula course as a reference book, much like I used to use an entire set of encyclopedias in high school.  ...yes, that's correct, baby boomers did not have the Internet in high school :)  But it really is that packed with education, encyclopedia-packed!

Mike Dillard, Tim Erway and Tom Bell - what a trio!  They each are specialists.  Mike in copywriting, meaning he is really good at "copy", a term that basically relates to writing great advertising "copy" like writing a great sales letter.  Tim is Mr. SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.  He loves to discover new ways to get the search engines to notice his work on the Net and put it on page one for anyone searching for internet marketing terms.  Tom Bell is called Mad Tom because he is outrageous and fun in his marketing, plus he makes an outrageous amount of money online in direct sales.  These three give their BEST secrets in MLM Traffic Formula - as they should because it is not cheap. 

But it is exactly what it is advertised to be and well worth the money it now costs.  Even back when I bought it, it was worth that enormous price way back then because NO ONE gave that much of their valuable  internet marketing secrets.  It just wasn't done except for Mike.  He is driven to over-deliver, provide value and exceed expectations!   

The MLM Traffic Formula Course is now much more affordable because of competition.  But Dillard was first.  There is a lot to be said about the value of any product that is an innovation "first to market."  No one else at the time was giving internet marketers a step by step definitive guide to generating endless leads AND cash flow for MLM types...  for life!! That is what marketing online does - it creates a web of content that generates results, money, for life.  It's called residual or passive income.    

MLM Traffic Formula was the first to market advanced internet traffic formulas specifically designed for multi-level marketers.  The MLM remnant,  I call it, the few that bought MLM Traffic Formula and implemented the strategies, actually became the remnant - the survivors of MLM after the Internet practically killed off those who simply would not market their MLM biz online.

Even though your successful upline may not talk about it, I am quite certain that if they are still doing well, they are marketing online.  Period, end of story.  They are doing all kinds of things online like monetizing training tools, branding their name, using tons of internet content, content that generates Internet TRAFFIC!   And believe me, that content includes a website that is NOT the company's replicated website.  One of the best kept secrets that Mike Dillard SHARES is that we must promote ourselves, not our company.  He calls it "YOU, Inc."

So let's review and see if you need to buy... - which I definitely recommend, now that MLM Traffic Formula is less expensive.

  • The MLM Traffic Formula Course helped me STOP old school MLM chasing after people, and START a career of professional marketing.  I agree with Mike - the MLM Traffic Formula "is the only definitive guide to building a complete, work-at-home empire in the Internet age."
  • (This is point is extremely important) Mike says "I need you to understand that MLM Traffic Formula is much more than a guide to online lead generation, because in reality, it's a blue print for building a true, $1,000,000 empire."

Here's my Terri-fic Tip #3

Ever wonder how in the world some people can build a massive downline quickly on the Internet?  Well Tom Bell has DONE IT - several times!  It only took him 8 days to build a downline of 1,117 reps last time he got involved with an MLM opportunity!  HOW DOES HE DO IT???  Basically what Tom can do is the same thing huge lead companies do to generate traffic to say, for example, you - your ads or your capture page or your MLM website.  He can generate not 100s of leads per day but 1000s!  How?  He has a HUGE list - 100,00s of people who have opted-in over the years to offers he's made online.  He maintains his list!!  In other words, he maintains his relationship with all those people mainly through email.  So much so that MANY of them trust him enought that is he says, in an email, take a look at this and join - they do!  1117 of them, to be exact, the last time he did that.  

Something to remember - if he sent them to a crummy capture page or an MLM company replicated website, I'm sure his opt-in and conversion rates would not have been as good.  His list, his subscribers, would not expect that of him.  He is a due diligence kind of guy that they trust or he wouldn't get such outrageous results.  The MLM website he probably sent them to was more of a  "You, Inc." kind of website selling the MLM team leader, not the company. (Like maybe it was Mike Dillard's MLM "You Inc." site??) 

 So the Terri-fic Tip is, build and maintain a huge list of contacts that never stops growing, get to know them, build relationships with good free content, and then occasionally market to them something of value, and they will buy in.  Plus, they might also joint venture with you.  Perhaps, and I'm just guessing, perhaps Mike Dillard called Tom Bell because they were on each others list and knew each other as trustworthy so Mike calls him as says something like  "listen, I've finally found an MLM that meets our criteria.  If you join with me and we combine our lists, recruit 3000 in a week, I'll give you X% of my commissions for that month."   It could happen...

 --> click  MLM Traffic Formula...  to see the joint venture sales letter they put together for this course.  The price is right now.  I hope you buy it and I can't wait to read your success stories!!     




Network Marketing And Internet Marketing Are Merging

Merging Network Marketing With Internet Marketing: Terri-fic Traffic Tip #2

Network marketing and internet marketing are merging into a new business model for so many people but it is definitely not as easy as I once thought. Don't let any one tell you that you can generate endless leads in just a few weeks of work.  Internet marketing takes time to learn,  but once you have an online marketing machine in place, then it can go into auto-pilot and like magic, you've got targeted traffic and leads, endless leads for your internet network marketing business.

Network Marketing Online 101

"Begin with the end in mind" as Stephen Covey says.  The internet is a journey people take and you want one of their destinations to be your blog and/or website, leading to your sales funnel(s).

Road signs pointing to the end of their journey are articles, PPC ads, social media comments in forums, and more. But before setting up these road signs directing visitors to what you have to offer, you have to prepare the destination place for them to visit - and that's your website(s) and/or your blog(s).

Internet Traffic Means Real People Visit

Use your time wisely to build your blog, focusing on the idea that you are writing a book for real people to read.

  • Be sure to have a picture of you on your blog and a little bit about you, the author of the book.
  • Write like you talk. Be yourself.
  • Study constantly about your "book's" topic (the title of your blog) and write about what you're learning and what you think about it. Write until you have at least 2000 words in your blog on at least 5 pages.
  • Stay with one broad theme (the title of your blog)
  • Title your 5 pages as if they are the table of contents (TOC) for your book. Always remember, you are writing a book online. If you change the theme, make it your next book (start a new blog) because if your reader can't figure out what your blog is about by reading the titles of each page, your TOC, then neither can google or any other search engine.

Your Blog Is Not A Sales Letter

Stay generic in your posts. Don't add a lot of hype about your MLM company or your products. And don't load up with a bunch of affiliate links.  Just write.  Don't try to use a ton of keywords or get too strategic. (That's next when we go back and replace some of our text with keywords)

  • Just write entertaining, educational, enlightening information about your broad topic.
  • Add pictures, at least 5 per page.
  • Add videos, at least one per page.
  • Link to valuable content elsewhere on the net related to exactly what your point is. If your link's content is not relevant to the point you are making, then do NOT link to it.

Internet Traffic To Your Blog Using Attraction Marketing

People like getting to know people from articles when they search for information online.  If you write an article about a topic that you cover more indepth at your blog, then link to your blog page that is the most relevant.

People may or may not care at first when they search google about who's writing to help them but believe me, if you provide value to them with your personality included, some of them will be attracted to you and they will follow the bread crumbs to your blog.

Don't miss that point because network marketing and internet marketing merge at exactly that point.

What do I mean? Internet marketing is becoming social - more so than ever before. Network marketing has always been social.  So merging the two now is really, really powerful and very attractive, many call it attraction marketing.

Marketing Merge

Successful marketers of any kind, use attraction marketing. They don't chase after anyone, trying to convince uninterested people to buy. Successfully merging internet marketing with your network marketing business means you have to stop chasing people down with what seems to others as very desperate marketingand not at all attractive or professional.

Watch Your Language

The language you use online is the most public example of YOU there has ever been so make sure it's really you.  Duplication is still important in network marketing but not impersonating your upline.  If you aren't providing value online to actual real people out there, you will fail in both network marketing and internet marketing. The days of successfully tricking search engines on your way to success are over.

Be your best self in your internet network marketing efforts and you will attract like minded people from all over the world. Some of them will join you in your business. Many will buy whatever you wish to sell. What a great way to make a living, providing value to others, helping them succeed while you do the same.

Free Report! 


Ann Sieg's Renegade Revolution!

Terri-fic Traffic Tip #1

Internet Traffic Slow

Here's how it all started for me... the revolution, I mean.  I had never heard of marketing my MLM business online.  I had a company replicated website with little traffic because I just promoted it word of mouth with people I knew.  The revolution, my own personal revolt, all started one day while I was online.   

I was discouraged about my MLM business.  "I must be doing something wrong,"  I thought.  "Why is it taking so long to recruit?  I absolutely love this business.  Why can't others see how great this is?"   

Ann Sieg's Interview With Me, Terri Stallcop!

Network Marketing Fast...  At First

I think we all hit the floor running at first because we have dear friends and family that will attend our grand opening.   I actually had great success recruiting like that at first but after about 3 months, my business receptions were no longer well attended.  And why would they be?  My newer prospects were not family and friends. 

These "prospects" were great people I knew from work or church but of course they didn't make time to come over.  I told them I was launching a new business and would love for them to stop by for an hour to see what I'm doing.  I just can't believe I used to do that.  If you do not know me that well, why in the world would you want to come to my house for a business reception to see what I do??  Did I ever, as a Nursing Director,  call people I barely know, asking them to give up an hour, come to the hospital,  and see what I do? Ridiculous.   What was I thinking!   

Internet Network Marketing - The Better Way

So, after about 4 months into my new business, I was discouraged, surfing the internet, looking for a better way and I found it!  I "stumbled upon"  a free eBook that blew my mind.  At first when I began reading it, I was a little offended.  What I was teaching at the time to my downline she was describing as lies! 

It was Ann Sieg's free ebook, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing.   I kept reading and realized she was right.  You will see what I mean.  Click on her free eBook below because I'm telling you, it was a GREAT find! 2060396-1482923-thumbnail.jpg

I was perpetuating the lies and didn't even know it.  Most of us start out that way.   We do what has been taught in network marketing for 50 years.  Once upon a time it worked. Times have changed.   

Internet Network Marketing Training

After reading her free ebook I bought The Renegade Network Marketer.  Excellent investment.  Worth waaay more than the $67 I spent.  A wealth of education is in the book and a ton of education is in the Renegade System, the "back office" that comes with it. 

There was only one problem.  I was in way over my head.  I learned a lot but it was not that easy.  So much of the valuable information was advanced beyond my learning curve.  Also, I left money on the table for a long time because I  did not understand the affiliate program. 

So I started looking for more information on the Renegade System and found an unbelievable education treasure...  a course for beginners!  For the newbie like me!  Check out this internet network marketing blog for beginners.  I watched Mike Klingler build this blog step by step, click by click on a video tutorial.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.   

Renegade University

Learn about affiliate programs, the Renegade System and much more only faster that I did at first.  Enroll at Renegade University, a creation of Mike Klingler's.  He uses Ann's book as the text book for Renegade U.  Once I enrolled, I went into fast-forward learning!     It is the very best way to understand quickly how to use the gold mine of Ann's Sieg's Renegade System.  

Generating Free Leads and Cash Flow

I not only went into fast-forward learning at Renegade U, I started generating leads for my MLM business AND cash flow through the affiliate program.  Here's how that works. 

People will opt in to any one of your referral links that all University students receive free.  BTW, tuition is also free.  For every person who clicks on your referral link and enrolls by filling out the form, that person is a free lead for you to contact. 

If any of those people upgrade to Professional level,  your affiliate commission is $18/month.  For everyone who buys The Renegade Network Marketer, your commission is #33.50.  Do the math for just 10 people... that's $2500.     Then do the math with 20 people, that's $5000; How about 30 people, 40 people, etc.  

You will understand affiliate programs like Renegade University and Ann Sieg's Renegade System so much better when the money starts rolling in.  :)

Internet Network Marketing Training Blog

How do you set up a marketing machine online and make money through affiliate programs while you learn??  In 90 days, I had written enough content learning from Mike Klingler that resulted in bringing me free leads and cash flow. 

Don't know where to start??  Read some of Mike Klingler's articles at his  Internet network marketing training blog.  Start with "The 90 Day Game Plan."  

As I mentioned earlier, Mike put his training blog together while his students, including me, built theirs, following along on his video tutorials.  Those step by step, click by click video tutorials are archived and are available to University students at the professional level.

Generate Leads With Blogs

I suggest that the very first project to work through at the professional level is how to generate leads with blogs.  After you finish the free training at the university level is to build a business blog.  Your blog becomes your "hub" on the Net with the rest of your content functioning as "spokes of the wheel" that lead others, targeted traffic, to the hub, your website or blog.  

Internet Marketing Training  - Professional Level Trial For $1:00

Mike gives everyone a week long professional level trial for just $1.00.  In that trial week, I put together my "Internet MLM Now" business blog - the one you are reading now.  Each step of the way, Mike teaches how to strategically write content that search engines like.  

As a University Pro, I now have advanced internet marketing training, month after month, building a mega marketing machine that eventually will build my  business on auto-pilot.  My next tutorials that I will work through are email marketing and YouTube video marketing.  Join me!  Bring tons of targeted internet traffic to your world wide web of content.  I will be glad to help you in any way that I can!  www.TerriStallcop.com    

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