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Facebook's Marketing SPEEDway

Can You Really Build a Multi-level Marketing Business Online? 

Absolutlely!  So where's the best place to start? I highly recommend that you start with Facebook marketing.  Right now it's the best way that I've found to build your MLM fast because it allows you to find interested prospects.

The massive data base inside Facebook is unlike any thing I've ever seen.  We know our target market is out there but until now, we've had to work really hard just to find them.  I hate that.  It's not been fun and certainly not at all exciting.

Finding Interested Prospects

What if you could easily find interested prospects?  Well now you can.  You can actually find fans of what you have to offer - raving fans.  Have you ever been in the stands watching a professional car race?  Almost everyone there is a fan - a raving fan.  Now imagine the excitement of the those fans after the race.  They will be talking about it with people who aren't even interested! 

That's the kind of business partners we all want to find - people who are already raving fans of MLM.  So where are they? 

Raving Fans Of ALL Types Of Businesses Are On Facebook  

Facebook is gaining the attention of marketing professionals right now at record speed.  Why?  Because what they did with their social platform is what they are doing now with an even more powerful marketing platform. 

I'm so impressed and excited about it that I've become a raving fan of Facebook marketing.  I even put together an entire program around it called Facebook Formula One.  I believe Facebook's marketing platform is the best way SUPER-charge ALL of your markting efforts in order to find raving fans for your business. 

To learn more, including 3 critically important marketing tips that must be understood as you get into high performance social media marketing, click the bright red button below that says "Show Me The Video!!"



10 Ways to Increase Traffic To Your Target Audience With Facebook Advertising

I'm on a PDSA Cycle: Plan, Do, Study, Action, and Back to Plan. Click the image to see an article about my Facebook PPC advertising results. I'm tweaking my ad using this PDSA cycle method to get better performance - MORE LEADS AND SALES!quest to learn how to succeed with...

Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising 

At my affiliate blog that I put together to promote Social Media Science, I talk about my results with Facebook so far.  Would you believe that in 5 days I went from no traffic to over 19,ooo hits to my Facebook PPC ad! 

Unbelievable internet traffic potential for your ads at Facebook.  Now to actually generate leads and sales with your ad that gets tons of traffic, that requires study, testing, action and more study, testing and action.  It's what researchers call the PDSA cycle.  I am still learning exactly what to do and I found this article so I wanted to share it here as possibly the best Terri-fic Traffic Tips I've ever given you!! 

Facebook has a data base that is second to none.  In fact, you would be surprised about what Facebook knows about you if you have a profile there.  The combination of bits and pieces of what we talk to our friends about at Facebook goes right into the data base.  Facebook is a social media site that has waaaay more people on it every day than Twitter and what they know about you will blow your mind. 

But as an internet marketing entrepreneur, it can be a gold mine for you! 

Okay, here's the article I found plus be sure to click the PDSA cycle to the left to learn more about my quest to succeed with Facebook advertising.