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Traffic Generation To Your Blog Using Facebook

"If a blog is never read by anyone, does it really exist?" I love that quote because truly, internet traffic is goal #1 when you are trying to recruit online or make a sale.  Targeted traffic is essential.  Whether it is building an internet MLM, selling someone else's product or your own, marketing online means the more targeted traffic you have, the more money you make.   

And currently, Facebook is now my #1 Terri-fic Traffic Tip!  Let me repeat, my #1 Terri-fic Traffic Tip (right now!!) is to immediately create a business page on Facebook!

Whether you believe it or not, the most powerful marketing website in the history of the internet is Facebook.  Even Google recently published that in their estimation, Facebook is their one and only competition.  Why?  Because of Facebook's data base. (More about that later.)

Here's the thing, if you know what to do on Facebook to reach targeted prospects for your MLM or for your business of any kind, you can totally crush it in traffic, leads and sales with Facebook - if you know how. 

And the amazing thing is, most marketing professionals do not understand or believe what I'm saying, giving you and me a very nice advantage. 

Create A Business Page (FAN Page) On Facebook

I intend to show you step-by-step, click-by-click, how to create a business page on Facebook that not only will give you targeted traffic to your blog but also provide a way to go global with your unique products and services.  

Let me explain... Facebook gives you the priviledge of targeted internet traffic for free but also it gives you an unlimited number of business pages.  In other words, you can market your various MLMs, plus your affiliate products, plus your own products and services all for free.  I have recently created my first business page on Facebook.  It will be one of many.

I plan to create many more but my first is all about an MLM called "Send Out Cards."  Here's what it looks like so far...  www.Facebook.com/CardsR.us

So your beginning strategy coulc be to set up a fan page related to an MLM.  When you click on my fan page above, you can see that it's practically a website right there on Facebook complete with:

  • the "Wall" which is your own little FB community page
  • the "Info" page, which is where you can blatantly post a mini-commercial about your business
  • the "Photos" page, a chance to create photo albums about you, your products and services
  • "FBML pages" where you can set up a lead capture page (I have several on this page... some are actually hidden like the one behind the big red crayon:) 
  • the "Video" page where you can teach, coach, sharing tons of valuable content (as you probably know, this is a HUGE benefit that FB gives us because video is THE most powerful media source we have)
  • and much more!

In my next blog post, Facebook Business Pages, Part Two, I'll explain more about how to do it.  How to actually get started setting up a Facebook Business Page so stay tuned for Part Two!