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Facebook Viral Power

Your Facebook Fan Page (Business Page)

Part Three - Creating Your Facebook "FBML" Page

Your Facebook business page actually has many pages.  It's just like an entire website only it's inside Facebook where millions of your potential customers hang out.  One of those pages or applications is the "FBML" application.  You can have more than one FBML page and give each one of them a page name that shows up as one of your tabs.  


FBML is Facebook's version of HTML code.  It's an application that is easier to do than you might think.  You don't have to know a lot about HTML and you don't have to buy someone else's Facebook application software to do it.  

Facebook FBML Shortcut

Watch this 3 MINUTE VIDEO tutorial to see how you can use any free wordpress blog to design your Facebook FBML page.


Lead Capture Page

Your Facebook FBML page can also become a very powerful "lead capture page" (LCP).  Let's look at why having a LCP on Facebook is so powerful.  Here are a few more astounding facts about Facebook.

As you know by now, especially if you've read Part 1 and 2 of this series, you understand that Facebook is shifting the strategies of internet marketing from

  • marketing TO people versus
  • marketing BETWEEN people. 

Marketing opportunities inside Facebook have never been possible before now.  Just like Google did a few short years ago, Facebook is changing everything in the marketing world.   

What I call the FUN-damentals of marketing success have become even more fun with Facebook:

  • get the word out (TRAFFIC)
  • increase # prospects (LEADS)
  • increase # customers (SALES)

AND increase $$$ spent per customer!!  According to MarketingProfs, "...consumers who are Facebook fans are mor valuable..." meaning they spend more than a certain brand's non-Facebook fans.  You can click below to read the full article. 

What Is Facebook Viral Power?

Well, it's absolutely astonishing.  Over the last 6 months, an enormous shift has taken place... Facebook is now referring more internet traffic to websites than Google!  Why?  Because Facebook has viral power.

Viral power is basically referral power.  It's the difference between hoping your prospects and customers will search Google and find you versus finding you based on "referrals."

Facebook Referral Power

Your Facebook business page makes it possible for friends to automatically refer their friends to you, lots of friends, and their friends' friends, etc.   

Picture this... an enormous number of people who are interested in what you have to offer are very definitely on Facebook. (BTW, they are spending an average of 55 minutes/day!)  If they find your business page and "LIKE" it, Facebook will notify ALL of their Facebook friends. 

That's free advertising.  Plus, it's marketing in such a way that your brand can go global and viral very fast!