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Internet MLM And Postcards?

How can postcards help you build an internet MLM? Postcard marketing campaigns can be very effective.  First consider this fact - to receive internet email marketing we have to give our permission.  Most often we even have to "double optin" to receive information.  Not so with direct mail marketing plus it's more cost effective than you might think.

Here's a recent quote from Entrepreneur Magazine:

"Dubbed junk mail by some, direct mail is actually one of the most effective, precise and economical ways to get your message to key audiences."  Many businesses use direct mail marketing because their response rate proves that it's worth it.  Done right, it's very targeted, measurable and cost effective. 

Here's what successful MLM recruiter, David Wood says about sending out cards:  "...I recruited 40 people in one week by sending 800 cards to everyone who had ever bought anything from me, by sending them a picture of myself without a shirt on at the beach, with a link to a company presentation, right after I had moved to Costa Rica over a year ago...  I didn't recruit them into sendoutcards, I recruited them into my company...  Send Out Cards is the cheapest warm-postcard system that exists, and I've used it to build Numis, MLSP, and when I was in ILG over a year ago."

Internet MLM - Your Target Market

Many marketing channels are not targeted such as TV commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads.  Yet they do work to bring in business.  But with the internet and direct mail, we have the ability to specifically market to people who have already expressed interest in the network marketing industry. 

Instead of trying to first sell the multi-level marketing business model, why not communicate with people who are already sold on MLM with a very attractive and memorable marketing tool that they receive in the mail?

Memorable Marketing

Postcards are much more likely to be noticed than most "junk" mail.  They are already open and eye-catching, especially if glossy and in full color.  The marketing message is immediately noted, memorable, and continues to be cost effective for big business and small business owners alike.

Direct Mail Response Rates

So how many postcards would you need to send to get a decent response rate?  The typical response rate is 2%.  Big business and small business owners are very happy with that because it's cost effective and builds business.  If your goal is to have 10 new leads every month, then you would need to send out 500 postcards to your target market every month.

But let's say you are adding incentive to your postcard - a discount or a chance to win a prize.  Now the response rate typically goes up. 

Easy Testing To Improve Results

It's easy to split-test direct mail response and practice continuous quality improvement.  Send one type of postcard to half your prospects, send a different postcard to the other half.  Toss the loser and add another postcard campaign with the winner and a new postcard.  Continue the process and get ongoing better and better results. 

It could be as simple as just changing the picture on the front and leaving the message the same.  You probably won't have a tie but a winner and a loser.  Keep testing and increasing your response rate.  It's that simple, not time consuming and could be very profitable advertising. 

Postcard Marketing: Part Two

Please leave me a comment about what would be the most helpful for you in Part Two:  Ten Terri-fic Tips For A Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign. 



How To Build A Multi-Level Marketing Machine Online

First, You Will Need To Build A Blog (Nickname for Web Log)

The blog you are reading now is generic.  What I mean is, this blog is not directly related to my Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. 

You are inside one of my blogs that will train you to build your own MLM online.  Internet MLM Now will help you with internet MLM training. 

Network Marketing Online

Building a network marketing business on the internet does not happen overnight so don't let the name Internet MLM Now fool you. 

It takes work and it takes time but I can tell you it is soooo much more fun than the work and time you are taking now to build your business offline

Think of internet MLM business-building as not just a home-based business because with Internet MLM Now your "home" office can be anywhere!  

When you build an internet MLM, your business office is virtual - all you need is the internet.  A laptop, a PC or Mac and your are in your office, whether you are at home, at a coffee shop or at the beach!

Blogging For Business

The reason the first thing you will need to build is a blog is because it's basically your "home" office.  When you are in business for yourself, it's really nice to have a great office where you can invite people in.  It  needs to be attractive, a nice place to visit with you about your business. 

So your blog should be very inviting, very comfortable, where people can get to know you. 

For me, I love the idea of having my office on a beach under a palm tree or on a ship, sailing the ocean.  So I want you to think about that - blogging for business should be as inviting as asking someone to go sailing with you.  I have a quick video for you as you start to think about your blog as a boat...

This brief video will help you get a feel for the BIG picture of how blogging for business works. Internet MLM and attraction marketing techniques are described in the video as I explain how your blog is the hub of your marketing machine. 

Said another way, your blog is the center of your internet multi-level marketing machine.

But remember, your blog is not where you sell your MLM.  That's your "sales funnel." 

Your blog is where you sell yourself...


How To Get Noticed By Google


Not many Internet MLM networkers understand how to get their online presence noticed by Google and even fewer realize that getting traffic from Google can be free.  Studies show that the eye will view and the mouse will click more often on Google's left top corner on the first few websites listed.  Most people are less likely to click on the sponsored Pay Per Click ads on the right side when they search for information.  Chances are they will at least click on the #1 website listed in the top spot.  

Once upon a time the way to get Google to notice you was to know all about technical search engine optimization (SEO) That's still important but the very best way to grow your business online is to wave Hi! to Google with social media optimization. 

Google Can See You

Hi Google! Here I Am!

Internet MLM

So how can you get your website or blog in that top position on page one of Google and other search engines for free?  When I look at my traffic statistics, I can tell that a lot of visits are not coming from Google searches. Most of them are coming from direct hits or from social media sites. The direct hits are probably from my list.  The social media sites that I frequent all have the link to this blog, Internet MLM Now, on my profile.  

About once per week, I will write a post that seems good enough to me to send out via email to my list. People who have either opted in to one of my affiliate programs or have bought ebooks from me. It's not a huge percentage of my list that actually clicks on over here, but about 20% do. (THANKS, You Guys!!)

So email marketing and socializing in forums will send traffic to your website.

And all those people will wave at Google for you, getting Google's attention.  And not just Google but by other search engines will take notice as well.

Social Media Optimization

So how does visiting on forums get Google's attention? I'm not really sure but I do know that I've seen my words and my name jump out at me sometimes when I'm searching Google for certain keywords.  There I am, my forum comments showing up, right there on page one.  A word to the wise, ALWAYS stay professional at all times in forums, on other blogs and articles when you comment, etc.

If you are active in community sites, in forums, and commenting on other people's web content, some people will visit your profile and then click on your website(s) listed there. Several backlinks to your website or blog from high ranking sites like Facebook or BetterNetworker can really get Google's attention, especially lately.

It takes maybe an hour to post something you've written or a video you've made in a few strategic places.  Use voting sites like Digg and bookmarketing sites like deliciousPost the link to your content on Twitter and share it in your status box inside a community site like Ning.  Doing all that is called social media marketing and it is really powerful right now.  You can also outsource your social marketing.  Many companies are doing hiring people into full time jobs just to make their presence known on the more powerful social media sites. 

Either way, social media marketing is a must if you want to get the word out about your internet MLM business. 

Then sit back, get ready to say Hi to Google and watch your internet MLM traffic arrive!