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Your Facebook Business Page: PART TWO

How To Create Your Facebook Business Page

When marketers and trainers first became interested in promoting products on Facebook, they used their personal profile page because that's all Facebook had to offer. Things have recently changed.

We are talking RECENT, BIG TIME changes!

In other words, right now is your window of opportunity to be among the very few who are using Facebook business pages to grow their businesses.

Where To Begin??

Go to your FB profile and scroll to the very bottom of the page.  Click "advertising." Next, you will see in the navigation bar on your left a set of choices listed that include the "pages" choice. 

Click on "pages." That will take you to 2 choices - community or official.


Once you decide on the type of page that best suits your business, you will be able to edit your "wall" settings and other applications needed for your business page.

In my next post, I'll add a step by step video tutorial on how I chose to set up my first page and I'll show you the super benefits of an application called the FBML page.  So watch for How To Create A Facebook Page Using FBML

Your "FBML" pages will allow you to add sign up forms.  These pages even allow you to link to your shopping cart, basically putting your entire sales funnel on FB.  Here's my example...

My Shopping Cart

Click on the image above.  Scroll down to this line "The "OPTIONS" Button At www.CardsR.us" and it will take you to my SendOutCards shopping cart! Amazing...  (Shown Below)

SOC Shopping CartFacebook Marketing

Learning to use the FBML page will get you way out in front of most people who are trying to do Facebook marketing.  There is no limit to what you can do with FBML pages to promote your unique business as long as you stay within FB's guidelines. 

Setting up a marketing sales funnel on Facebook positions your business in such a way that you not only market TO people but also, even more powerful, you will be able to market BETWEEN people.

I'll show you exactly how I do it in my next post with a video tutorial, step-by-step, click-by-click.  Watch for "Creating A Facebook FBML Page." 

See you then,

PS  Be sure to click "post a comment" below and let me know what questions/comments you have so that I can address them in the next post.  Thank you!



Charles Heflin of SEO 20/20 Can Make You Famous


Charles Heflin

 Charles Heflin Can Make You Famous Helping You GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Charles Heflin has a new PROVEN theory about internet traffic and how to get it. I joined his private membership several months ago and have been hanging on his every word since then.

Imagine my delight when I saw that he has been visiting this blog! Thank you, Charles!

Get Tons More Traffic With Charles Heflin's Help

I have been involved with technical SEO learning from Heflin for quite some time but now things have changed dramatically. Now social media SEO is more powerful. How do we know that to be true? From Social Media Marketing Research...

The truth is, search engine robots are now looking for social proof that you provide valuable information for their searchers. If you can't show evidence of that on your website, technical SEO won't be enough any more to get you on page one of Google. The other search engines are also getting wise.

Don't stop learning technical SEO but learn to add social media optimization as well. Or, you could use a social media marketing software designed by Heflin and his research team.

Heflin's Syndication Revelation!

Social media marketing takes time, a lot of it. It can distract us from building our business if poorly understood. Social media marketing software can also be ineffective if the creater misunderstands what maketing research has revealed.

The "Syndication Revelation" discovered by Heflin and his research team is why their software is exactly what we need to launch our work. It's an instigator that in minutes will give content a chance to go viral.

The software is called Synnd. It syndicates the value you provide in your posts, articles, etc. giving you "enough exposure in social channels" to launch a viral marketing campaign for you. But there is a catch. If you are not providing great content, Synnd can't help you.

But as Heflin says, your content will "continue growing and snowballing under its own power... if you are writing educational, enlightening or entertaining content for your target audience..."

Stay tuned! I'm testing the waters for you. My Synnd results will be posted here! You can also call me if you want more information  or if you are already using Synnd and need help. 

To your success!

 Terri Stallcop