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The 3 free videos are really excellent tips on video marketing and they lead up to Jenkins's 12-module deep-dive training program on how to CREATE High-Converting Marketing and Sales Video...

It's an intense course on how to MARKET with video tactically and strategically to create reliable and highly-qualified traffic while building a automatically expanding loyal cult of fans.

In some of the modules the course looks in detail and reverse-engineers highly successful campaigns and provides actual outlines, scripts, examples, marketing emails, check lists, worksheet, and highly organized notes to speed your process to getting results.  Here's the link to the first video >> "Video Gets More Money Than Anything, Period"

Plus, This Tele-class Is Also Free...

>> Video Marketing With The Video BOSS!

Andy Jenkins tele-class is intense, highly strategic training that's loaded with sneaky psychological Video Marketing Tricks.  This video marketing training program is free.  You'll walk away equipped with proven Video Marketing Strategies

  • The Buddy Rule and authoring High-Engagment Marketing
  • Breaking the 4th Wall
  • Parts 1 and 2 of Creating the Ownership Experience
  • Facts and Falsehoods about Video Technology
  • The necessity of IMPERFECTION-- Eliminating Customer Fear with Vicarious Adventures

Speaking of tele-classes.  Tele-conferences are easy to add video to with just a few terri-fic training tips of my own.  Here's something that get's more internet traffic than teleconferencing.  Turning your tele-conference into a video.  Here's two examples where I took the telephone conversations (podcasts) and turned them into YouTube videos... 

Turn Podcasts Into Videos

Interview With Mark Hoverson




Interview With Ann Sieg

Video Sales Pages

Video Marketing

Is the long sales letter dead?  Not quite but it's on life support.  (I love that quote from Ryan Deiss)  Ryan Deiss believes that short video sales pages convert at a much higher rate than the traditional sales letter.  In fact, Google will more likely approve an adword campaign that links to a short video sales page rather than a long sales letter.  

Take a look at Mike Koenig's Traffic Geyser sales page by clicking on the picture to the right.  You can see that his short video page works far better than a long letter.

The long sales letter isn't dead, it just needs to be later, deeper down in your marketing funnel.  For example, after Mike Koenig's video, his sales letter which is very good, shows up later, after a relationship with his prospects and customers has been established. 

Video is quite literally the most memorable marketing strategy out there!  So, camera, action... join me in building a memorable marketing business!

For personal 1:1 training in video marketing, You can apply to work with me at www.MemorableMarketing.Biz  

Hope to see you there!







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